Afternoon tea and an early Christmas present…

Thomas from My Porch blog played Santa today when he arrived in the UK bearing bookish gifts, hand picked to suit each book-blogger’s personal taste.

Christmas comes early!

I am now the proud owner of The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris, which is the tale of a man who becomes afflicted with a strange compulsion to walk which he can’t control. (Unlike me who seems to be afflicted by an uncontrollable desire to sit on my bottom and not go anywhere in this chilly weather!).

What could be in this mystery package I wonder...?

And Simon S, if you are reading there is a mystery package waiting for you too. You had better get it quickly as you know how nosy I am…!

We all met up at Persephone Books, and then went for afternoon tea at the British Museum where I had my very first cucumber sandwich.

Thomas signing our books celeb-style.

Cakes galore!

A cleverly snaffled Persephone Biannually and Catalogue.

Then I headed off to meet my lovely friend Mrs W, for nice cuppa and a wander around the flagship Paperchase store (stationary heaven) which was as it always is at this time of year a veritable wonderland of festive sparkly-ness.

Have you had any early Christmas presents?

26 responses to “Afternoon tea and an early Christmas present…

  1. Why, yes, I have 😉

    You were very quick off the mark, Polly! Lovely to see you, as always.

  2. That sounds like such a great afternoon 🙂 And I really like the idea of early Christmas presents..

    I have to admit I have never had a cucumber sandwich either. Were they any good? I have to admit I always head straight for the cakes..

  3. What? You’ve never had a cucumber sandwich? I thought all British children were raised on them! 😉

    Glad you had a nice afternoon. I couldn’t make it owing to a million last minute things to do before my plane trip on Tuesday morning. Sounds like Thomas was very generous. Hope you enjoy the book — I read it earlier in the year and found it very entertaining.

    • I know, clearly I’ve been missing out! Glad you enjoyed the book – I’m looking forward to reading it. Hope your packing is going well 🙂

  4. I received several early Christmas presents yesterday 🙂 Wasn’t Thomas incredibly kind and generous? A lovely afternoon (and my first cream cheese and cucumber sandwich also, although the blue cheese and grape one stands out as the best).

    The only downside was Tottenham Court tube station being evacuated and closed, having to walk to Holborn (Oxford Circus also closed) and being held at barriers for FORTY minutes due to congestion. When we were finally allowed downstairs there was NOBODY on the platform and the train was no busier than normal for a Saturday evening on the Central line (evn eerily quiet in some carriages). GRRR.

  5. Early christmas presents, great company, nice cakes, extra nice scones, and no tube trauma at the end. It was a pretty good afternoon all round.

  6. What a delightful day! No early Christmas presents here, but at least our weather is cooling off enough for it to actually feel like Christmas is on the way. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    • Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Are you in Texas? I have no idea what the weather is like over there at the moment. Glad it’s starting to feel Christmassy for you!

  7. Polly, I can’t believe you had never had a cucumber sandwich before. I must admit I have even made them before at home. For me, I can skip the dainties, just give me the sandwiches and the scones.

    It was wonderful to meet you and the others. Thank you so much for coming.

    • I know, silly isn’t it!? I’m the same – I prefer scones and sandwiches oddly.

      Thank you for organising a lovely day 🙂

  8. Ooh wonderful – so wish I’d been there!

  9. I am so so jealous that I couldn’t come, especially after eyeing up those cakes 🙂

  10. Sounds fun – and I spy Miranda! She has strategically positioned herself next to the cake stand as well, good girl. The Joshua Ferris sounds excellent, and enjoy the Persephone biannually, I loved reading it (I haven’t dared open the catalogue yet though, that way financial ruin lies…).

    • I know, that was well thought out… except that we eventually all ended up with … one EACH! Agree about the P catalogue. I was very restrained and am going to ‘sensibly’ plan a few self-gifts when I go off to do my Christmas shopping I think!

  11. Oh blimey how sweet of Thomas thats brought a lump to my throat, and cheered me up as I am typing this from the hospital, I shouldnt have it on but there are no old dears on life support in my recovery room, lol.

    I was so, so, so sad to miss this but as you know things with health and family are a little crazy, it looks like a marvellous time (and lots of marvellous cake) was had by all.

    • I know, it was quite extraordinary actually considering he must have had to lug them all over in his suitcase! You were missed but I will bring your book to you soon 🙂

  12. This looks so nice! You must have had a really wonderful day!

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