I spotted Kimbofo’s brilliant list, 10 gifts for book lovers, over at Reading Matters yesterday and it reminded me that I discovered one of the items (The Great Penguin Bookchase) last week on a trip to John Lewis.

Look at the excitement it caused!

What book-related items are on your wishlist this Christmas?

19 responses to “Bookchasing…

  1. I really want this but don’t have anyone who would play it with me 😦

  2. I own Book Lover’s Trivial Pursuit and have the same problem that Verity foresees above 😦

    I have the book journal that Kim included on her list but am coveting this one:

  3. I hope thats a picture of you buying my Christmas present? Hahaha I am joking! I have to say that picture really, really made me laugh out loud in a rather ridiculous way!

    I might have to have this at some point, mind you I have a sneaky feeling I could end up with maybe four or five of these if my family cotton onto it (and they all love John Lewis)!

  4. I ve seen a nice book journal by moleskine ,maybe a new bookmark or two ,all the best stu

  5. Polly, anything book-shaped, book-smelling, has the word book anywhere on it or in it and I’ll be happy 🙂

    Alas, I don’t tend to get book related things as gifts normally as people think I don’t need anymore “bookish stuff”. I do, I do!!!

  6. Oh no! More things to add to my list for Santa – will he have time to read my list at all now I wonder??

    • I like to think that Santa’s superpowers extend to long gift lists too (especially lifts of books and book-related things).

  7. It’s beeeeeYOUti-ful! 🙂

  8. That was a great list, thanks for posting.

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