Review Policy

Book Reviews

Novel Insights is a place where I jot down my thoughts about books I’ve read and other random musings. You can read more about the books I like on my About page.

The books I read are mostly my own purchases or gifts from lovely friends and I also get the odd review copy. Within my reviews I always state where I got the book from.

With all my reviews I aim to be honest and fair in my posts with a pinch of opinion thrown in for good measure.

If you want to contact me about a review or anything else for that matter you can get in touch at

Book Ratings

I rate each of my reads out of 5. It’s not an exact science and is based on my own enjoyment of the book so sometimes a very well written book may get a low score (if you read the full review you should get the full picture!)

As a guide, 5 means I thought it was ‘bloody fantastic!’ and 1 means ‘I couldn’t bear it!’. I’m sure you can figure out the in-betweens.

Thanks for stopping by!

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