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Cheerful Weather for the Wedding, by Julia Strachey

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding, by Julia Strachey had been on my radar for a while after seeing a few reviews of it around the book-blogosphere and finally got around to reading it belatedly as a result of Persephone Reading Week.

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding is a novella (about 120 pages), set on one day in the life of Dolly who is about to get married to Owen, her rich fiance who she has been matched up with by her mother, Mrs Thatcham. As the hustle and bustle of the day goes on, it becomes apparant that Dolly isn’t so keen on the wedding and it transpires that she also has a secret.

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding was an enjoyable and quick read for me but I can’t say that it blew my socks off. There were some funny characters and I really did giggle at a letter where Mrs Thatcham describes where she is and then goes on to explain how far it is in miles from every nearby town!  Despite having a murky undertone it was so light-humoured in parts and swift-moving that I felt I didn’t quite always know what was going on.  I had the same response however to The Great Gatsby when I read it a few years ago, so I think perhaps it’s just a ‘me’ thing which makes me not quite relate to the characters of this sort of genre.

That said, it is a beautifully written little book and an interesting snapshot of the era. To get another perspective I would read Simon T’s review as he was quite charmed by it.

My rating:

6 out of 10

Have you read Cheerful Weather for the Wedding?