Daphne Discoveries

A trip to Hitchin, Herfordshire today ended up in a little Daphne discovery! The lovely friend I was visiting took me to this rather lovely bookshop:

Eric T.Moore Books is a wonderful treasure trove of a bookshop with a wide selection of used and antique books at very reasonable prices. It has plenty of nooks and corners to discover but books are well ordered (really jumbled shops are a bit of a bugbear of mine).

I went straight to ‘D’ of course and found this little selection…

I was very tempted by a copy of The Flight of The Falcon and also an old hardback embossed copy of George du Maurier’s Trilby. In the end I restrained myself and picked up a copy of Rebecca as my Virago edition is buried in the attic somewhere until I have some shelf space!

What do you think? 🙂

I can’t decide if it’s terrible or so bad, it’s good (hasn’t Savidge Reads done a post on naff du Maurier’s covers today…?), but for 50p I couldn’t really complain.

While I was at my friend’s house she also brought out this gem…


It seems Daphne is following me everywhere (or I’m following her).

Has anyone made any exciting bookshop discoveries lately, du Maurier or otherwise?

3 responses to “Daphne Discoveries

  1. That is a brilliantly bad, and therefore almost good, cover of Rebecca. Is this and old American imprint, I have ‘Kiss Me Again, Stranger’ (a collection which was reworked as ‘The Breaking Point’) from this very imprint so thats quite funny. It is equally brilliantly bad http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_wRNyHQ_YtZI/StySracriWI/AAAAAAAACKA/QLuy-S7XmEQ/s200/42ac9d01ffc1371593078335277434d414f4541.jpg

    I love that Jamaica Inn cover, that matches the rather naff (yet I think rather fabulous now) editions from the 1970’s which I have of some of her books. My ‘House on the Strand’ cover beats them all hands down though… its dire, so much so I won’t share it.

  2. Haha cheeesssetastic. However, having said that the spooky blue woman looks like the Rebecca I’m imagining as I’m reading it right now…

  3. my local oxfam has had a number of wonderful translations in of late ,all the best stu

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