Alice in Wonderland Movie – Ho-hum


I went to see Alice in Wonderland at the cinema the other day and it just wasn’t as wonderful as I wanted it to be. I thought that it was utterly beautiful to watch from a visual perspective and that it was brave to try a storyline which was based around Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass without trying to retell it, but ultimately I felt as if it was a bit of a missed opportunity.

Newcomer Mia Wasikowska really held her own as Alice and Helena Bonham Carter was great as the Red Queen, although I had a hunch that she might have been influenced by Queenie from Blackadder a little. I also loved Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, one minute flouncing around elegantly and the next trying not to gag.

I sort-of liked the feisty-female message that they were trying to promote, however it was so overdone as to be well… just a bit silly and unfortunately not Lewis Carroll nonsensical-silly. I tried to look at from the perspective of it being a kid’s movie. My other half said “Yes but kids are bit more credible, for example when you were little you thought that She-ra and He-man was a cinematic triumph” (how rude!). The thing is, She-ra never pretended to be anything more than just fantastical fun. I think that the feisty-female thing works much better when that is the focus of the story (like in one of my favourite children’s books The Paper Bag Princess) as opposed to being an mis-matched addendum to what is an amazing children’s classic story with themes of its own.

Anyway, there were lots of things that I thought were lovely about this film but sadly the bad points just left me feeling a bit deflated about it all.

Have you seen the film yet?

2 responses to “Alice in Wonderland Movie – Ho-hum

  1. Virginie Menzildjian

    I am so eager to see it but it is coming out in April only here in France !!!

  2. Oh Polly… I think that you managing to get She-ra on your blog is a little too special for words and the fact you said “The thing is, She-ra never pretended to be anything more than just fantastical fun.” might just have made my entire weekend.

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