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Novel Insights’ January Review

This month I read…one book. Yes a single one! January was my self imposed slow reading month. I learned the following things:

  1. It’s good to have a little break now and then and do something different, like listen to music. I seem to have bypassed the whole of 2008 from a music point of view (How did I just discover MGMT for example?)
  2. It’s hard to go cold turkey! Every time I left the house I would reach for a novel and then remind myself to put… it… down…
  3. It is important to force myself to a kind of boredom once in a while in order to bring about a certain kind of peace of mind. Staring reflectively out the train window (latter half of my commute) is infinitely better than having my head stuck under someone’s armpit on the Tube though…

Having said that, it didn’t help that a chunkster to get through for book-group tomorrow!

William Boyd’s The New Confessions plagued me the last week with it’s 520-odd pages. I’ll be posting my thoughts on that in a few days…



I also reviewed two books from December:

A Walk on the Wild Side, by Nelson Algren (7 out of 10).

A Walk on the Wild Side“The indulgent use of metaphor and occasionally distracting diversions into the past of different characters was at times confusing but the use of language is inventive, quite beautiful in fact…”


Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte (9 out of 10).

Jane Eyre Fine Edition“I felt that I had almost come away with a new friend in Jane, so sincere was her voice.”

How was your January for reading? Have you ever imposed reading restrictions on yourself?