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Booking Through Thursday – It’s All About ME!

Booking Through Thursday

This weeks BTT Question is:

Which do you prefer? Biographies written about someone? Or Autobiographies written by the actual person (and/or ghost-writer)?

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of factual writing so I don’t read many autobiographies. I think it would depend very much on

a) If the personality was still alive – yes I would prefer to read their Autobiography

b) If I thought they were a bad writer / would give an un-informative version of events – no I would prefer to read a Biography.

What I’d really prefer would be a semi-fictional account by a brilliant writer – for example I very much enjoyed Peter Cary’s True History of the Kelly Gang because of the quality of writing and storytelling. The one biography that has piqued my interest lately is thisMuriel Spark Biography - Martin Stannard Muriel Spark Biographyby Martin Stannard but it’s in hardcover so I may have to wait until it be comes a bargain or comes out in paperback!

Do you read (auto)biographies? If you do, what do you enjoy about them. Do you think I should try reading more or should I stick to fiction?

Booking Through Thursday – Recent Informative

Booking Through Thursday

Q: What’s the most informative book you’ve read recently?

A: I tend to read fiction mainly so I would say that the most informative book I have read lately was Peter Carey’s 2001 Booker Prize-winning True History of the Kelly Gang. It’s a beautifully imagined fictional account of the real life Australian historical figure Ned Kelly. It’s an area of history I’ve never studied and I never would have been prompted to look into but Carey’s novel makes me want to know more about this era and this ‘Australian Robin Hood’. It’s a brilliant book which I rate very highly. You can read my full review here or click on the image below.

The True History of the Kelly Gang