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Barter Books

Hello again! What with running about like a yo-yo and a lovely camping trip Novel Insights has been off-grid for a little while. Last weekend I went up to the North East coast to enjoy some sea air and time away from everything. We stopped by Alnwick – an attractive little town with a historic castle that had a starring role in earlier Harry Potter films. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to stop into the wonderful Barter Books, one of the UK’s largest second-hand bookshops and a veritable emporium of loved books.

Set in an out of use railway station, it has shelves and shelves of treasures, well organised and lovingly laid out with a comfortable seating area for lingerers. As the name suggests you can bring in your old books for credit to spend on new ones. Echoing the theme of the station location, there is a train set running along the top of the shelves in the front area of the shop. The whole place has a homely feel to it.

Here are some pics from my brief but pleasurable visit…

I didn’t remember to bring any books to barter but I still couldn’t resist picking up a couple of penguin classics. Barter Books cleverly arranged these to be end of row and temptingly visible. I’ve never read any Collette but I liked the sound of The Vagabond, and I’ve always meant to get a copy of classic crime novel Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep. Here they are:

If you are ever in the area I definitely recommend that you stop by! Would love to hear of anyone’s recent used book discoveries – have you found any treasures lately?