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Taking a break from Novel Insights has allowed me to think afresh about what and how I want to post on my blog and I came to the following conclusion:

#1 goal; blogging must be enjoyable… for me.

You may be thinking that sounds a little ‘me, me, me’ (well tough it’s my blog) or that I’m stating the obvious (it’s surprisingly easy to lose sight of the fun side of things after nearly 4 years – yes my first post was in Nov 2008!)

Writing at whim

In the spirit of not getting OCD about anything I’m going to keep away from strict rules and give myself the following simple guidelines:

  • Post out of love not duty
  • Try not to be too earnest
  • Don’t over-structure

In practise, this means I’d like to bring a bit more ‘whim’ back into my blog. For example, I may decide not to post about every book I read and if I do it might be a full review or I might occasionally write a snippet on a subject related to the book rather than a review.

I was prompted to consider the point about not being ‘too earnest’ by the book I’ve just read – Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan. Serena who writes for a university magazine, describes how she becomes more and more self-conscious about her writing and as a result she loses some of her natural style and verve. This doesn’t mean though that I plan to write insincerely or not be thoughtful in the way that I express myself and naval-gazing / waffle is perfectly allowed in my blog!

Finally I want to put it out there that although I love books, realistically I am a 1-2 book per month reader so posts might be sporadic (once a week probably) and I really am not going force myself to post unless I feel I have something I fancy saying. I can’t promise that there won’t be some other random un-book related fluff going up though – you have been warned!

If you are a blogger, have you ever reviewed your posting principles? What do you think of mine (be honest!)? As a reader, what are the things you look for in a blog? Do infrequent posts put you off?

So leaving you with those questions, I’ll sign off now before I get too earnestly introspective…!

23 responses to “My blog…

  1. Good for you! I think it’s really important to remember that a blog should be fun to write and that it is, at the end of the day, for you – if readers like it too then that’s a huge bonus! Strangely I’ve seen a few other bloggers pondering their blogging style recently… which has led to me thinking about my own posts too. Something in the air perhaps?

    I’ve also come to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter if I don’t post once a week or if I don’t review every single book I’ve read – no-one will know!! Except for you but you don’t have to tell anyone…

    I’m sure every blog reader will have a different opinion, but personally I don’t mind if someone blogs infrequently… I often prefer that to someone who blogs almost daily as I can’t keep up! Hope that helps.

    • Lol that’s true about people not really knowing (or probably caring) if we don’t blog about every book! Thank you for the encouraging words 🙂

  2. I think your principles are spot on. Mine are similar, with an additional rule of no memes/blog-alongs/blog hops/etc. It’s a time-sucking rabbit hole I can never get out of, even (especially) when I participate with the best of intentions.

    Several months ago, I realized that I was blogging for the sake of blogging, and not enjoying it most of the time. I had a calendar for planning out future posts, and was letting other things fall by the wayside so that I could keep to my self-imposed schedule. I became so overwhelmed that I deleted all but one of my blogs, and the one that remained? I have very little content remaining there, either. After the initial shock of deleting most of my online presence/history, it actually felt liberating. I’m slowly easing back into writing in a public space.

    • Thanks so much for your thoughts. It is reassuring to read that it’s not just me that has felt this way. I suppose part of it is a natural evolution.

  3. Good for you! I think this is the right choice: we have so many things to do here and there, that if blogging is an extra task, forget it!
    If some readers are not happy, well too bad, they may leave, but the faithful will remain. I respect your choice and will be happy to read you whenever you have something to share.
    I actually prefer book bloggers who post maybe not often, but exclusively on their readings, instead of a blogger who may post everyday, about what they did, the sorrows of their cat, and the like. I don’t follow a blogger for their personal life. but that’s me.
    I regularly review my blogging principles at the occasion of Bloggiesta, and right now I’m trying to post more often, because I’m late in reviewing fantastic books I read these last months. I tend to post on almost all the books I read, because I’m a sharing-alcoholic; it also helps me keep in mind what the book was about. This is my personal choice, and I don’t expect everyone to do as I do; conformity is boring!

    • Thanks Words&Peace, really appreciate your feedback and encouraging words. Hopefully you should find a balance of the bookish as well as the personal stuff and you can pick and choose the bits you like to read.

  4. Blogging should *definitely* be fun for you, never a chore, so do whatever it takes to get there! I get put off when posts are irregular, but infrequent is fine (i.e. once a week or once a month is lovely, I just get confused when there are seven one week, and then none for three weeks.)

    But I have to say I am the opposite of WordsAndPeace – I love blogs which put the personal with the bookish. But the most important thing is that you enjoy it, so it can be all about you, you, you, don’t feel guilty about that! x

    • Completely with you on having a reasonable amount of certainty that the blogger is about! Glad you like the random stuff too and so lovely to see you today!

  5. Infrequent posts aren’t off-putting, that’s part of the beauty of being able to subscribe. Your plan sounds good, because whatever you want to do has to make you happy first, the rest of us come second to that. Blog what you want and it’ll be a good blog 🙂

    • Thanks Charlie, you are so encouraging! You’ve also reminded me to review my blogger reading list and subscribe by email as it’s easy to miss posts 🙂

  6. Blogging should be fun, and I do get slightly put off by irregular posts, but like Simon says, the mass posting then the nothing for weeks. I bet you discover an irregular pattern by default!

    I also like what I call ordinary posts, mainly because I think it gives an insight(no pun intended) into the author of the blog. Gives a more rounded picture of you. This is what I aim for on my blog?!?!

    And I am looking forward to hearing all about the wedding preparations so post away!

    • Jo, you are now responsible for all wedding waffle after that giving me license to go crazy! Really appreciate your thoughts and I know what you mean – as a reader of a blog it’s nice to know someone hasn’t disappeared off the face of the planet so a certain level of frequency makes sense.

  7. love yours and agree ,it has be fun and sometimes after time it does get hard to find it so at times ,all the best stu

  8. My work life this past year has forced me into infrequent posting. For the most part that is okay, but I do get the feeling that I have lost some of the “community” feel I got when I was posting more regularly. I suppose what I am really saying is that I get less traffic. When it comes to books, letting yourself off the hook on the book review front could be particularly helpful in making blogging feel less like a chore. And I am with Simon, I love the personal stuff. Especially since, even posts about non-book things often incorporate a bookish point of view or references.

    • I’m glad you like the personal items Thomas. I love reading your snippets of daily life too. Oddly when I take the pressure off to write in a certain way I feel more like it!

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  11. I’m definitely with you about doing what makes you happy on your blog. Like Simon T says, it’s your blog. Personally I like reading about other people’s lives probably because I’m nosy. I’ve seen too many people having mini breakdown and it makes me sad because reading and writing about it should be fun.

    • Ha, I’m nosy too hence I also like the personal posts. A mini breakdown is not good, especially over your blog!

  12. Welcome back! Glad you’ve identified ways to make blogging fun, not work. I do sometimes feel self-conscious about reading more slowly than many other book bloggers out there but I have realised that often the quicker reads are not the ones I enjoy. I have never had a super structured approach to my blog anyway but I do make little mini revisions to what I do all the time, to keep it fun and something that I want to do, rather than a chore.

  13. Great rules Polly, and lovely to have you back. Sorry I have been so rubbish at catching up with your posts, what sort of best friend and book pusher am I?

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