Where have you been Novel Insights?

The last 5 months have been a whirlwind of activity! A little update post should catch things up and might explain why I’ve been so quiet.

The house-hunting has been a little lacklustre, not helped by me never seeming to have a weekend free, and feeling a bit stressed from travelling up and down the country for work each week! With that in mind, I also spent some of the summer interviewing for yes… a new job!

Richmond – not too shabby a place to grab my working lunch!

I have some brilliant colleagues so I am a bit sad to leave, but I am very excited about my new role and the new people I’ll be working with. I’ll also be in lovely Richmond. One of the first things I noticed was that my new office is opposite a library – unfortunately it’s a reference not a lending library. Hmph!

I’m also looking forward to moving about less, but the downside to not travelling up to the North West Is that it won’t be as easy for me to visit dear Simon, The Beard, and Oscar the kitten. I still have a long commute but I can take the overground train and catch up with reading Savidge Reads (and other favourite bloggers) in the morning along with my latest novel of course!


In other reading-related news;

I got a Kindle…. yes a KINDLE!

For my thirtieth birthday… yes my THIRTIETH birthday!

Yes after listening to glowing comments from other readers I decided to go over to the dark-side (owning an e-reader that is, not turning thirty which is after all inevitable) and my Nan sweetly bought me one as my present. I still like reading a physical book, but I am enjoying being able to download books at whim, especially when it’s not one that I’m really bothered about keeping. I also was pleasantly surprised to discover that you can ‘lend’ people your Kindle books for 2 weeks during which time you can’t read it yourself. Anyone with a Kindle out there want to try borrowing Patrick Gale’s A Perfectly Good Man or Twelve, by Jasper Kent?

My birthday in August was lovely, and move into the big “three-oh” decade was softened by the following factors:

1) My fiancé turned thirty just before me. Ha!

2) A fab birthday-slash-engagement garden party (perfect weather)

3) I spent my actual birthday in New York and was spoiled rotten by my family and my fiancé who as usual took great shots of our trip

New York Traffic

Awesome cupcakes

Best birthday ever

Staying with family and a furry friend in Brooklyn

Alan’s splendid shot of Manhattan – click the pic to see more on his website.

I’ve only just started really thinking about wedding plans. I don’t think I’ll get used to saying “fiancé” which I feel slightly daft about, although I’m sure it’ll be much stranger referring to my “husband” in about a year’s time. So we have actually set a date in summer next year (hooray!) and I am tentatively turning my mind to related wedding frippery which is both fun and alarming when you see just how much tat you can buy.

I’ve also been lucky enough to have been to a couple of wonderful weddings recently which is fun for getting ideas as well as celebrating family and friend’s love for one another of course.

My friend’s fab two day celebration in Washington DC meant I got to wear a rather gorgeous sari for day one, and then play princess in a Grecian style dress. What a glam bride!

Bridesmaids in pink!

Glam bride & groom

Then just a few weeks later my Uncle’s wedding took place in the beautiful Devon countryside. Ahhh!


Beautiful setting

Finally, I want to say thanks to everyone who supported me by sponsoring me or cheering me on for the Bupa Great North Run.

It was brilliant day – emotional actually seeing so many people raising money for charity. Which reminds me; if you have a spare minute do visit the Mind website to find out more about mental health issues and how you can help whether that be through sponsorship or just being a friend.  I managed to finish the full 13.1 miles much faster than I thought I would in 2 hours 9 mins before flaking out at the finish line and pretty much being rolled home by my Alan and Mum, and my Sister (who ran with me).


I think that’s me caught up except for what I’ve been reading. That post will follow!

7 responses to “Where have you been Novel Insights?

  1. Welcome back, Polly!
    And congrats on the new job! I cycle to Richmond quite a lot, so if I ever have a free day perhaps we can catch up for lunch.
    Love all your photographs… isn’t New York fab?

    • Thanks! Ooh that’s awesome, once I’m settled in let’s definitely do that 😀 NYC is amazing, I want to go baaaack!!

  2. Lovely to catch up on your news 🙂

  3. I missed reading your posts Polly! And you’ve been a busy bee!

  4. Thanks Sakura. I know, it took ages to write the update but really nice to think over the last few months.

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