A little blog break…

If you’re a regular visitor to Novel Insights then you might have noticed that I have gone a little quiet. I thought it rather rude not to pop a little note up to say that I have decided I’m having a blogging break. I’ve been a bit frazzled with work and as a result haven’t felt much like making my poor little brain work to write reviews in my spare time. I’ve also been enjoying being ‘just a reader’ for a bit if you know what I mean… 🙂

Bear with… and hopefully I’ll be back in action in a while. In the meantime check out my blogroll for other lovely bloggers to keep you up to date with bookish news.

5 responses to “A little blog break…

  1. Enjoy your break, Polly, come back when you’re ready 🙂
    Maybe I’ll even see you in person before too long!

  2. Know the feeling! Enjoy your break and the no-pressure reading time:)

  3. Enjoy your little break away, Polly. I am thinking about making a similar announcement myself – just so tired and not enough blogging mojo. See you again when you’re ready 🙂

  4. Blogging should be fun so I think it’s perfectly A-OK to take a break when you want one. And, I laughed out loud in my office when I saw your photo of the test card (Is that what it was called?)… Brought back lots of childhood memories…!

  5. I had a break earlier in the year as you know, it was just what I needed. I might have more of them in the coming months and years and thats all good, people will wait!

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