44 miles and counting…

Woop woop, 44 miles run…

… erm, wait that’s this year, not this week 😉

Looks like I’m going to have to up my game if I’m going to run a half-marathon this year! Well I suppose it’s a start and I looking back at my notes (yes I’m a bit of a geek and keep a diary – with gold stars and everything) while I have struggled to find the time, when I do, I’ve been running for longer – e.g. 4 or 5 miles each time instead of 2.

This Sunday I ventured off the treadmill and went out into the beautiful sunshine. Here are some pics of  local green spots…

I even got myself a go-faster t-shirt for motivational reasons of course… 🙂

What have you been up to this week? Is Spring in the air where you are too?

12 responses to “44 miles and counting…

  1. Ahhh, you’re truly outdoing me as i’m finding it so hard to fit runs in around my ridiculous course! :/ Its so massively sunny here though that I’m definitely off for one today 🙂 and ill catchup at easter haha! See you soon 🙂 xxxxx

    • I know – fitting in runs is a bit of a nightmare – but you’ve already done it once so you don’t need to worry 😀

  2. I’m a little jealous of how amazing you look in your sport outfit. Good luck with the running. I was very serious about running last year, but let it slip when I had to finish my thesis. I found that it takes dedication and especially at first it feels like you’ll always be stuck in the 3-4 mile radius, but once you make it to the 9-10 km it’s so inspiring. Just knowing you’re able to run for that distance made me feel very proud of myself.

    • LOL remember that is BEFORE and not after when I’m a sweaty mess 🙂 Thanks for the motivating words. I’m going to try a 6 miler this weekend I think. You’re right though it is tough to get past the first couple of miles if anything because I get bored after about 20 mins…

  3. It has been very spring like – though with a slight nip in the air. Also was given some daffodils the other day which are cheeering up my living room at the moment.

  4. Great to see a picture of you looking very fit and ready to run.

    Spring like days make everyone feel better I am sure. Great to be leaving the flat to go swimming and it’s light!

    • Ooh, a dip in the pool sounds nice. The other day I woke up super early without any of the normal tiredness and I realised it was because of the light streaming in through the window. Lovely.

  5. walking winston early in morning now it is lighter is wonderful seeing the flowers come to bloom as well ,all the best stu

    • Glad you’re enjoying the lighter mornings and blooms. If I ever get a place that’s big enough / have enough time to really make sure I’m there for one I’d love to have a dog like your Winston to walk.

  6. Spring is most definitely in the air here in Cardiff, and with the clocks changing since your post, it’s all helping me with my jogging no end. I’ve got some serious training to do – I’m running my first full marathon in October, in Munich! I got the bug a couple of years ago and have done a few halfs. I hope to do some running/books themed posts later this year – something on that Murakami book What I think about…, being an obvious choice. There must be plenty of decent fiction with some kind of vague running link! I’ll seek some out.

    • Good tip on the Murakami book – I think I spotted that in a bookshop recently and hummed and haa-d about buying it but might be motivational. Would love to hear any other ideas. I’m impressed you’re doing a whole marathon. Not sure if I’ll ever be up for that challenge but you never know, I might get the bug after doing a half!

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