Savidge Reads’ star appearance…

I promise that there will actually be some reviews appearing soon on Novel Insights (later today in fact) but I couldn’t not post about Simon of Savidge Reads’ brief but nonetheless proper, actual appearance  on Sunday 4th’s The TV Book Club. I’ve just had a chance to see it by streaming on 4OD catch-up and you can too until the start of April by following this link.

And here he is looking all bookish and serious with a copy of Girl Reading.

*Squeal of excitement*

2 responses to “Savidge Reads’ star appearance…

  1. Yes and I went and bought a copy of the book as a result of watching the programme – I must say I like the cover of Simon’s copy more than the new cover which I have.

  2. Blushes. On a seperate note, you would like this book a lot! I thought of you after finishing it.

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