Fundraising ideas?

Happy Sunday!

Image borrowed from The Grim ViewWhy do I have a picture of Hercule Poirot on my blog today?  Well, I’d love it if you could use your ‘leetle grey cells’ (as the Belgian detective would say) to help me think of some fundraising ideas that I can try in the coming months – I’m running the 13.1m Bupa Great North Run for Mind.

It might seem a little bit early to be thinking about fundraising for an event in September, but preparation is everything especially as I need to raise a minimum of £150 by the end of July. I’ve also got a busy year coming up as I’m hoping to get my own place with my fiance (!) so no harm in starting early right?!

Click to find out about how Mind helps people affected by Mental Health Issues

And in theory getting a few squids together for a good cause and a personal challenge shouldn’t be too tough. For example, I worked out that if all of my Facebook
friends sponsored me £2 then I’d easily blow my target out of the water. In reality though I know that asking people for money is not that easy especially when many people are watching the pennies, so…. I thought I’d turn to you guys to see if you had any fun ideas.

So far I have on the list;

  • Competition / sweepstake to guess my running time
  • Bake some cakes to bribe people into donating
  • And… well just ask people

Not very exciting is it?

I’ve also been musing on whether there is something book-related that I could do. Perhaps something around mental-health themed books?


11 responses to “Fundraising ideas?

  1. Hi Polly, that’s exciting – I’ll definitely sponsor you, as I am a big supporter of Mind, having done my own fundraising for them in the past – I’m hoping to do a marathon for them in October. I think a sweepstake on the finishing time is a good one and one that I intend to use. How about a booksale or bookswap where people can get rid of unwanted books and get new ones? With cake at the same time obviously??

    • novelinsights

      Verity, I’m so delighted that you sponsored me and you’re a Mind supporter!

      You are going to do a MARATHON??? I’m not sure that I think it’s sensible for humans to run marathons but actually it was a friend at work who ran the London Marathon who gave me the extra inspiration to do the half marathon as well as my sister who did the GNR last year and she’s only 17 (putting me to shame).

      liking the bookswap idea. Cake is also a v good idea. Practise bake tonight in the form of a Rhubarb crumble. Perhaps nearer the time, we can collaborate somehow for our final sponsorship push!

  2. A very worthy cause that both you and Verity have chosen.

    How about knitting some small items for sale?

    • Hi Jo, what a lovely idea. I could do, although it might take me a little while – that said I do have until September!

  3. I recommend utilising Facebook. I did a run last year and raised over twice my goal! I posted on Facebook about 4 times over 12 weeks asking people and then reminding them to sponsor me, and also put up occasional status updates about training (e.g. “Really enjoyed my run today, even in the pouring rain!”) and photos of me on my runs. When I was close to my initial goal I write something like “if only 10 people donate $5 each I’ll make my goal”, but I found people were more likely to donate larger amounts ($20 to $50) or not at all.

    • Genki, thank you so much for your advice. I’ve just started doing that now and it kind of motivates me with my training to post up how far I’ve run so a double win! Hope I can beat my target like you did 🙂

  4. I ll donate when needed let me know not lot not got a lot but happy to help

  5. Blog about it, put your Virgin Money page everywhere and anywhere, and don’t be afraid to ask family to sponsor you. I found both my parents and in-laws were keen to sponsor me to do a 40km cycle leg of a team triathlon… after expecting them to chuckle and tell me I was doing it for my own fun!

    • Yvonne, thank you so much for your encouraging words and sponsorship – I’m so pleased and am feeling motivated to get home early to do a run tomorrow.

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