A book-lover’s nightmare

I was gossiping the other day with an Aussie colleague who also works in the UK and he told me a horror story about what he discovered when he went back to sort out some of his belongings back in Australia.

Quelle horreur!!!

And no – it’s not because one of them is a book about calculus (although that personally disturbs me ;)) – my poor friend had gone home to find that his books had been breakfasted on by termites.

On another bookish note, I’ve never before seen these large multi-books in the UK – does anyone know, are these quite usual in Oz??

A little while ago, dear Savidge Reads had his own book related disaster – have you had any similar bookish tragedies?

6 responses to “A book-lover’s nightmare

  1. That is gross and disgusting 😦

    I’ve not seen the huge multibooks before – in Oz or anywhere!

  2. That’s terrible don’t know what I do if anything happened to my books

  3. mmmm sure do look tasty

    they’re Reader’s Digest books you always seem to find in charity shops where they used to condense a popular novel. Those are just the anthology editions.

  4. Thank goodness, no, I haven’t! But my Dad once lost a box of books, when he was a student – ever since then, any book he can’t find he’s attributed to that box. It must have held about a thousand volumes…

  5. What an odd selection each of those multibooks has! I have to say with the selection of books shown I wouldn’t be too bothered about the termites eating them… my Wilkie Collins shelf? Well now that would be something tragic.

    I still can’t think back to the flooding, though two worse things have happened to my books since.

  6. I think my Nan used to have some of those Reader’s Digest books – like A Damned Conjuror says, they’re condensed versions. Can often be found in waiting rooms 😉

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