Blog v Run

Today I am mostly luxuriating in Sunday’s wonderful Sunday-ness by lounging around in my pyjama, drinking cups of tea and taking the day slowly.

Anticipating the hours stretching ahead of me, I ponder the options. The only two ‘useful’ things on my possible to-do list are to finally type up some reviews of the books that I’ve read recently (work pressures and general busyness have lead to a kind of blogger’s-block due to a sort of allergy to the internet anywhere outside of the office that I seem to have developed), or alternatively get my bottom off the sofa and go for a run.

Newcastle Tyne Bridge, North East, UK

Image of my hometown courtesy of my talented OH -

This year I’ve entered the UK Bupa Great North Run. Something I’ve always thought I should get around to doing as a) my preferred form of exercise is running, b) because I wanted to support a charity that is important to me c) I grew up in the North East so the idea of a running challenge that culminated in the final few steps to glory being over the Tyne Bridge was kind of appealing.

As I did do a little run yesterday and the event is not until September,  today I think I want to give a little bit of love to Novel Insights and enjoy catching up with other blogs and bookish things. To be fair sitting on the sofa while typing with a cuppa is infinitely less taxing too!

Tea and Books

Score 1-0 to blogging.

What are you up to this weekend – getting active or taking it slowly? Have you taken part in any charity runs?

10 responses to “Blog v Run

  1. I’ve not done any charity runs – did the cycle leg of a triathlon last year for Barnardos (our company charity) and it was good fun. I wanted to do a 10k for charity in May but I don’t think my running will be good enough by then, unfortunately.

    I am also blogging on the sofa with tea, instead of going out to find some exercise!

    • I guess it depends on how much you can run beforehand as to how much of a challenge the 10k would be. I’ve not really run much more than 5 or 6 miles in a row but that’s mainly because I get bored after a while 😉 Also one of my colleagues did the London Marathon last year which was inspiring as she wasn’t a massive runner before and the GNR is not until September so I’m thinking that I should be able to do it!

  2. I’m not a runner, I do walk a lot though. Often out in countryside on Sundays with rambling group, today I am cleaning the house, reading Elizabeth Bowen, and hope to manage a shortish (3 miles or so) walk later. Happily not dressed yet, may just do housework in my pyjamas.

    • Don’t forget housework is also exercise ;). Completely agree with the principle of staying in your jim jams until you really have to change!

  3. It’s so nice to have a whole day with any plans, isn’t it? I’m also staying indoors today and hopefully getting some housekeeping done (or reading!)

    Although I’m not a runner as I find it so difficult, I’ve been doing the Cancer Research 5K for the past 3 years. But I have to admit I walked the last one, oops! So good luck with the GNR – it should be lots of fun!

  4. Beautiful photo! Yesterday was my lazy day, reading and catching up on DVDs checked out from the library.
    I coincidentally just posted about running yesterday on my blog….although I’m really not much of a runner more of a daily walker with my little doggie. Hope you’re enjoy your Sunday!

  5. I love days when it is just about Books and Tea! Saturday’s are my day for that and the day I do not go to the gym or swim! Running is not my thing but I admire all those who do run!

  6. I’m on for the Sports Relief run in Mancland …dressed as Batman. I can only run in fancy dress it appears…

  7. Good luck with the Great North Run. Both my sisters and my mother have done it – I’m totally letting the side down!

  8. The last charity run I did was with you on the Sports Relief Mile, which I hated hahaha. I did enjoy spedning an night in a hanuted plague pit with you though for charity. Glad the blog won, for now 😉

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