Debut authors to look out for in 2012 – Waterstones Eleven

Last year I was invited along to the first Waterstones Eleven. The event is designed to highlight some of the best in debut fiction for the year ahead. Last year’s picks were really very good – at least, they were pretty well predicted because I kept spotting positive reviews of choices and quite a few ended up on shortlists or even won awards (Pigeon English, The Tiger’s Wife, When God Was a Rabbit). I’m a little annoyed at myself that I didn’t get around to reading any of them but I often do feel guilty buying new books when I have such a huge TBR. Perhaps this year I will get a copy of Sophie Hardach’s book The Registrar’s Manual for Detecting Forced Marriages that I enjoyed the extract from so much.

Well this year the line up certainly looks interesting. Admittedly this year I was a little less sociable and instead of stalking new Authors was content to scoff a few canapés and chat to the lovely Reading Matters who came along with me. However, I DID snaffle a copy of the book that contains extracts from all the recommended books so will be posting my thoughts once I have read it.


If you can’t wait for my sum-up post you can find out the chosen authors at the Waterstones site and even read extracts for yourself here.

Did you read any of last year’s debut author picks?

4 responses to “Debut authors to look out for in 2012 – Waterstones Eleven

  1. I think you can only view 2012’s list ? But from what you’ve mentioned I’ve read ‘When God was a Rabbit.’ It was definitely one of the best books I read in 2011. Just gorgeous, and so moving ! I actually wrote a little inept blog post:
    I must give this year’s a thought!

  2. I think lack of translation in this list is terrible ,I think I read at least one if not two from last years list and sure I ll read one from this list as atr of fielding is appealiong to me ,all the best stu

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