Out With The Old…

Happy New Year everyone! Is it just me, or does 2012 feel like a promising year already?

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While the news in 2011 has been full of turmoil and economic woe I count my blessings that I had a pretty good year all round. A new role at work was a big milestone for me, and in Novel Insights world I hosted my first read-a-long – Discovering Daphne with Savidge Reads.

Some of my closest friends and family have had a much tougher year so I’m brightly hopeful that the New Year will bring better things for them. Also, while the news is never all cheerful, I would love it if we could see some more inspiring rhetoric from our political leaders in the coming months as when the chips are down, well chosen words can be a powerful way of lifting spirits and motivating people. ‘Austerity’ has been the most overused and depressing expression lately. It makes me think of grey flannel and Victorians (not in a good sensational novel kind of way either!).

We are NOT amused...

On a more bookish note, in proper New Year tradition, I’ve had a good de-clutter in the house and picked out a few books that will be heading to the charity shop. I only managed a small bag because of my hoarding tendencies however I need to make way for a lovely box of books that my Dad gave me over the Christmas period.

It’s a rather good mixture of paperbacks that I’ve fancied reading or look interesting, and there are also some little treasures in there that I remember from childhood.

A few crafty books (you can probably guess from my numerous knitting posts that I have always liked to make things):

A special copy of Alice in Wonderland that my Mum had as a little girl with brilliant illustrations:

And Dad’s lovely copies of King Arthur, and The Arabian Nights:

Looks like it’s actually been more of ‘out with the new, in with the old’!

I’m a big believer in setting well thought out and defined resolutions for the coming year so along with thinking about my favourite books from 2011 (a later post!), I’ll be sitting down some time this evening and penning those. I’m not sure if there will be any reading resolutions yet…

What are you looking forward to 2012? Will you be making any resolutions this year (reading or otherwise)?

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