Book Based Banter – A star appearance and a resolution

I’ve got the sniffles and am feeling a bit embattled by the elements today so my morning commute on then tube was significantly cheered by listening to Gav Reads and Savidge Reads (AKA The Readers) podcast. In episode nine, Gav and Simon talk about book blogging, discuss the challenge of culling books with Kim of Reading Matters, and recommend their favourite recent reads. Guess who else is featured, yes it’s Yours Truly, Novel Insights sharing five of my favourite books!


After listening to Kim talking about her TBR I have resolved to remove my spreadsheet of unread books from Novel Insights. You know why? Well for a start, it hasn’t been updated in at least six months, I don’t believe anyone really cares (including me – I think it will be quite nice to retain a bit of mystery about the exact volume of my TBR, if only for my sanity!) and basically it is an unnecessary hassle to maintain.

I’m also most intrigued by two books mentioned on the podcast – one is My Cousin Rachel, by Daphne du Maurier which like Simon I had been mentally saving for a rainy day but now I think I’ll get a copy to immerse myself in over Christmas. The other was a new Jennifer Johnston book (not an author I’ve read before but highly recommended by Kim) – Shadowstory – I was most intrigued by the fact that it features a character called Polly especially as Kim made it sound as if she has quite an exciting time of things!

If you like a bit of book gossip, I definitely recommend that you head over to The Readers to listen online or search for “The Readers” on iTunes to get the podcast.


3 responses to “Book Based Banter – A star appearance and a resolution

  1. I really enjoyed your top 5 Polly, so much so that I might have another crack at Jamaica inn…

    • I’m really chuffed that you enjoyed the recommendations. Jamaica inn is quite different from Rebecca and not always to everyone’s taste. I sort of think it’s a bit like Wuthering Heights v Jane Eyre.

  2. I enjoyed it polly ,all the best stu

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