Daphne du Maurier in Pictures

As part of the first week of Discovering Daphne I thought I would post some images of Daphne du Maurier in her different stages of life. The expression ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’ seems so apt in the case of this author whose cool gaze suggests such stormy waters under the surface.

6 responses to “Daphne du Maurier in Pictures

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  2. she was quite stunning in a way ,all the best stu

  3. Those are some great images, she’s incredibly stylish, it makes me want to have another go at her books.

  4. I like the one on the staircase, very Mrs Danvers perhaps?

  5. She was quite a looker. Very Hollywood-esque in her younger years.

  6. How lovely to see them all together, thanks Polly!

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