Welcome to Discovering Daphne Month!

Is it just me, or has time just rushed by this year? When Savidge Reads and myself planned Discovering Daphne way back in the spring, we were imagining curling up with our Daphne du Maurier novels with a cup of cocoa and a cosy blanket on the sofa to keep the chill away and the dark nights out. We thought that we would be passing on the joy to our fellow readers who might be feeling embattled by the Autumnal weather.  We didn’t plan on their being a heat wave/Indian Summer in the first week of October, and I suppose if you aren’t from the UK you wouldn’t necessarily be experiencing the same climate anyway, but really you can read Daphne any time and she is a delight ahead to read (if occasionally a little unsettling!).

Discovering Daphne 2

So what’s the plan? Well when we say the whole of October we actually mean the first week from today, the 1st, until 9th of October 2011 where we will have a week of Daphne based delights, some special guests, some give aways and much more.

This week will also include the first of five optional (though we hope you join in with them all) Daphne read-a-longs, as we start tomorrow at the very beginning of Daphne’s career with her first novel ‘The Loving Spirit’. The week then ends on the 9th with her novel which is actually a fictionalized biography of her great-great grandmother ‘Mary Anne’ a tale so wonderful it’s hard to believe it’s actually true. Then we move onto the final three read-a-longs…

  • Sunday 16th October: ‘The House on the Strand’ – speculative time-travelling Daphne showing how versatile she is.
  • Sunday 23rd October: ‘Don’t Look Now & Other Stories’ – a collection of Daphne’s short stories which are always wonderful and rather dark.
  • Sunday 30th October: ‘Rebecca’ – if you have read it before or if you haven’t, we will be discussing possibly the most famous of Daphne’s novels which should prove a perfect way to end the season and become one of the highlights of everyone’s reading year, if not their reading life.

We really hope you will join in through the comments and send us your reviews or thoughts on Daphne and spread the word of a truly wonderful author. Who knows you might randomly win some of her books along the way… So which books will you be reading, which ones have you read already, why do you love Daphne – or dare we ask why you don’t, or haven’t tried her before?

6 responses to “Welcome to Discovering Daphne Month!

  1. I’ll definitely be reading along with The House on the Strand (because it sounds fascinating) and Rebecca (because I love it), and hope to find time for one or two more. Can’t wait!

    • Hooray! Looking forward to reading The House on the Strand – it sounds quite different, and hearing your perspective on her writing too.

  2. I finished The House on the Strand last month (thoughts on my blog pending), and will hopefully read Don’t Look Now this month as well. I’ve read Rebecca which I absolutely loved, followed by My Cousin Rachel, which I loved as well.

    Happy October.

    • Looking forward to reading your thoughts on The House on the Strand and Don’t Look Now if you read it. I’ve just spotted your review of My Cousin Rachel, so will read that with interest!

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