May & June Review

It’s been a while since I did a proper round-up as when I’m busy I tend to forget its the end of the month and miss the opportunity to reflect on my readings and doings. So, like the Beano annual that I used to get as a kid, this is a summery bumper issue!

My top books in May and June were:

Mr Chartwell, by Rebecca Hunt (4.5/5)

An original, funny and poignant novel and Rebecca Hunt’s writing is wonderful. Don’t be put off by the dark subject matter, Mr Chartwell is a joy to read.”

The Doll, (Short Stories) by Daphne Du Maurier (4.5/5)

“A compelling read for any lover of Du Maurier and a fascinating introduction for those not yet inducted.

The Doll, Daphne Du Maurier

Butterfield 8, by John O’Hara (4/5)

“…the more I think about it the more I’m impressed by O’Hara’s skill as a writer and the vivid impression of this era that I’m left with.”

Bangkok 8, by John Burdett (4/5)

“…a smart thriller, which explores complex ideas about the sex industry and Thai society without getting too heavy. A great escape from normality…”

Lack of patience with certain books lead to some quick post-it note style summaries of books that had been sitting on the ‘to-review’ (e.g. The New Confessions, by William Boyd) or ‘unfinished’ (Mr Fox, by Helen Oyeyemi) pile.

I announced my collaboration with Savidge Reads on an upcoming project – Discovering Daphne! We still need to announce the results of the competition, so we will hurry up and get around to that!

Knitted WristwarmersIn other news…with the help of the wonderful Purls of Wisdom, I completed a pair of cosy knitted wristwarmers and a cushion with a pretty honeycomb cable pattern.

Bangkok at night - view from Vertigo Bar, Banyan TreeI also had a fantastic trip to Thailand where I was so busy I only managed to read a shocking two books!!

A couple of weeks ago I visited the home of ‘The Bard’ in Stratford Upon Avon with my Dad and saw a fantastic production of Cardenio – the ‘lost play’ of Shakespeare and based on an episode of Cervantes Don Quixhote. It was an excellent production full of energy and intrigue. I haven’t seen much Shakespeare lately but it made me want to go to the theatre more! Here I am standing in front of Shakespeare’s birthplace in the glorious sunshine:

Phew, it’s been a very active couple of months. What have been up to recently and what are your latest bookish discoveries?

10 responses to “May & June Review

  1. I like stratford been a couple of times my father lives about hour away so we go with him sometimes ,all the best stu

  2. Have always meant to read Butterfield 8 but still have not gotten to it. Sigh. But I will be getting to a few Daphne titles with you and Simon.

  3. I think you also had a lovely time in Cambridge didnt you hahahahahaha. Kim sent me BUtterfield 8 so I will be reading that soon indeed.

    • novelinsights

      Haha, yes I’m a bit silly – meant to include it and then was flummoxed because I wanted to do a little write-up. That will have to wait until I have headspace to articulate the men / books question!

  4. It’s been a very busy few months for you:) I haven’t been to Stratford since I did my GCSEs and saw a very morose production of Romeo & Juliet with Mark Rylance.

    • novelinsights

      Hahahaha. Morose does not sound good. I too visited during my GCSE’s!! My impression of Stratford was that it wasn’t very exciting then but then upon returning thought it was great. I’m a) getting old or b) just more appreciative.

  5. Very busy couple of months!

    I do like everyone’s roundup posts.

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