Honeycomb Cable Cushion – finished!

At the weekend I finished the cushion I was knitting. Feeling quite pleased with my newly learned cabling skills, I thought I would share!


When I stitched it together I wasn’t too cautious so the honeycomb pattern is slightly off centre but when you are knitting with such lovely coloured wool, it’s difficult for anything to look very bad. Here’s the back:


I chose some natural wood buttons as I liked the way the colours contrasted. For some reason (silly iPhone) the close up pictures look more green, but the true colour is as above.


A close up of that lovely honeycomb pattern. When I’m more proficient, I’d like to knit it into a jumper or cardigan.


Pattern from Jenny Lord’s Purls of Wisdom.

Cable skills – done!

Enough pictures for now – just looking at the wool is making me feel positively overheated in this muggy summer weather the UK is currently experiencing.

New, ambitious (for me) project coming tomorrow.

14 responses to “Honeycomb Cable Cushion – finished!

  1. That is so beautiful – I am so imrpessed!

  2. You are right, looking at wooly things does make the heat unbearable 😉 I do like the look of the cushion. I wish I could knit anything, let alone cable patterns.

  3. That’s beautiful Polly. And my favourite colour too:)

    • novelinsights

      Thanks Sakura! It is a lovely shade isn’t it. That’s why I want to knit properly so I can make clothes in whatever colour / texture I like 🙂

  4. Polly I am so impressed! That is stunning!

    Now tell me, did you learn all this by yourself from the Purls of Wisdom book or were you already a super talented knitter? Because I can do straight lines very well now and can make my own patterns for simple things, but cables and stuff defeat me entirely and I’m not convinced a book alone could help me. Your advice would be much appreciated!

    • novelinsights

      Rachel that’s so nice! I learned to knit and purl basic things (i.e. scarves) when I was little, but patterns and anything more complex confused me. I think a new attitude (patience – as opposed to trying to run before I could walk, and a desire to jump the hurdle to learn new skills) has helped me in the last few months but Jenny’s book really helped me decode patterns, understand how to avoid frustrations by knitting tension squares. I’m continually using it for reference and I like it because it feels as if a friend is giving you advice (e.g. motivation – knit for primarily for yourself and you’ll do a better job). So yep, I was competent and could knit neatly but learned cabling and knitting in the round from the book.

      I also did a cable sample before embarking on the cable cushion. And when I did the wristwarmers I did unravel them halfway through the first one but it didn’t matter because it was so quick to make. This in contrast to the last time I tried to knit in earnest, bought a book and started trying to make an advanced crossover cardigan straightaway – queue very grumpy Polly!

      I’m trying to be really patient so that I build up skills, and then I want to get confident enough to really adapt patterns and even make my own!

      • Thanks so much for the advice Polly! I think I am the same – I want to do EVERYTHING NOW and I get so frustrated when I can’t instantly pick up, say, fair isle knitting, that I just give up. Starting slow is the key. I am going to buy the Purls of Wisdom book when I get home and get cracking with being patient and hopefully I will be knitting properly in no time! You must be so pleased and proud of yourself and if you’re not, you should be!

      • novelinsights

        You started with Fair Isle, goodness me! Glad the advice was helpful. Keep going step by step and you’ll make it!

  5. It’s beautiful, and I’m looking forward to seeing how your sweater turns out. At your recommendation, I got the Purls of Wisdom book for my oldest daughter. We’ll see what she does with it. 🙂

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