A Friday Find

I accidentally fell into the library at lunchtime and was delighted to discover that the staff in their infinite wisdom have stocked the shelves full of Daphne Du Maurier novels!

Even better, I was able to get myself a copy of Mary Anne for the Discovering Daphne season that Savidge Reads and myself are running in October. It’s a bit previous but I couldn’t resist!

Have you discovered any library gems lately?

16 responses to “A Friday Find

  1. I have. I found a book called The Silent Land by Graham Joyce in the new books section at my library. I picked it up based on the blurb and found a terrific little ghost story. Very entertaining, book. I love it when that happens.

  2. I just bought (for 99 cents) my first du Maurier. The Hungry Hill I think it is called. I got a great old hard cover with a tattered but fun just jacket.

    • novelinsights

      Oh, I love the sound of that one. Even though it’s not on the schedule this year it’s one I want to get around to soon. Hope it’s a good-un to start you off.

  3. They must be onto Discovering Daphne at your library musn’t they hahaha. I actually found a gem this week (at the hospital library – I know!!) in the form of Florence and Giles which I know you have and I am very excited about as it sounds really spooky.

    I do believe their might be a lovely parcel on its way to you for the weekend if all goes well.

    • novelinsights

      Oh you got F&G? I haven’t even read mine yet so you might beat me to it. The parcel sounds exciting!!

  4. Wow, that’s a good library! Wish mine was as good!

  5. It’s funny how often those paving stones outside a library trip one up in a sideways direction!

  6. What a good find.

    I have not ventured in my library for a while – perhaps a visit is overdue!

  7. What a lovely sight to see! My library only have two Daphne Du Maurier books, I may have to have a word!

  8. Last week I got one of the Ox-Tales short stories series for 20p!

    I’m still looking for a nearest library near where I work. Though I also have a library near home. One can’t have too many libraries, right?

  9. Du Maurier’s Rebecca is a good one–I read that when I was laid up for weeks recovering from surgery. I recently found that the local university library where I have privileges is chock-full of 50s crime fiction, for which I have a fondness–I’m in the midst of Cassidy’s Girl by David Goodis.

    • novelinsights

      Sounds like a good stash of crime fiction in your library. I’ve never heard of David Goodis but hope you’re enjoying your latest read!

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