Not Knitting

Just a little note to say after all my recent knitting-related posts and reviews, I promise there are some book-related bits coming soon.

In fact my first ever giveaway is coming up – more news tomorrow on that, and a couple of reviews of debut novels which I’ve been curled up with!

Seriously though, I can’t go completely cold turkey  (although I sadly won’t be taking my knitting to Thailand), so here’s a picture of my latest project in progress… Any idea what it’s going to be?

Knitted Cushion

4 responses to “Not Knitting

  1. Ooh how lovely! The cable has worked out really well, i’m going to try and do a few cable swatches before i work a cable pattern.The colour is nice too 🙂

  2. No idea what is is – but that is a really lovely colour.

  3. That is a stunning colour, I love it. My own knitting escapades are still very slow. In their infant stages, one might say. But I will draw inspiration from your reading and knitting multitasking! (or at least interspersing)

  4. No idea as to what it’s going to be, but I just wanted to say it’s gorgeous!
    Enjoy Thailand 🙂

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