A Grand Day Out

After a very busy few weeks, the double long-weekend here in the UK is an absolute tonic. I’m finally catching up with my book reviews which you’ll see popping up soon and having time to catch up with friends and family as well as getting some me-time.

I’m not big on flag-waving as a rule and don’t have a big fascination with the Royals, but the big event yesterday was pretty spectacular! My Nan at eighty-something was determined to come in to London and join the crowds at the Mall so my boyfriend and I went to meet her. The atmosphere was brilliant and it was so much fun even if it was hard to see anything over the tops of peoples heads!

It wasn’t easy, but with some rather precarious balancing the photographer BF managed to get this snap of the couple returning from Westminster Abbey:

As well as the Queen and Prince Philip…

The Queen and Prince Philip at the Royal Wedding

Look at the crowds on the Mall!!

Crowds on the Mall Royal Wedding 2011

Nan had brought practically the whole bar with her, so we were able to drink a toast to the couple with a G&T…

… and then a Pimms and Lemonade in St James’ Park afterwards!

What did you get up to yesterday? Did you avoid the Royal Wedding like the plague or revel in the romance?

21 responses to “A Grand Day Out

  1. Your Nan looks beautiful and it looks like an amazing day out.

  2. Oh wow, what great pictures. I watched it on TV and thought the whole thing was beautiful – Kate looked stunning. What a wonderful day – and you were part of it!

    Glad you all had a great day and love your bf’s website too – he is ultra talented!

    • novelinsights

      Ah, that’s a lovely thing to say. He is a bit good I think (even though I’m obviously biased!)

  3. Those are great photos! We reveled in royalty all day over here – started the day at 3am to watch all the preliminary footage. It was great fun. Thanks for sharing you pics with us!

  4. Fantastic pictures! I watched some of the wedding, the balcony scene and then switched to the Chaser (they got banned from doing commentary in Australia, so they had repeats of their show instead). I did read all the newspaper articles in detail though!

    • novelinsights

      Thanks Sam. What a shame it wasn’t fully covered but I suppose that stops it from becoming overkill at least!

  5. Great photo! Kudos to the BF on his balancing skills. Or skillz.

    I had to work (!) on the day so I missed it but have caught up a bit with BBC highlights and photos… now in Australia so might have to do a bit of sneaky VPN-work to get to see the whole thing on iPlayer. Which I definitely will be doing. I’m not generally that bothered about the monarchy but I do love a good wedding. And wasn’t it all gorgeous!

    • novelinsights

      Hahaha. Perhaps I should recommend him for 2012 balance bar or something. Good luck with the naughty VPN-ing!

  6. It sounds like you had a lovely day, Polly. I especially love the fact that your Nan came well equipped with alcoholic beverages! 😉

    I spent the day having a lovely brunch with my brother-in-law at a hotel in Abu Dhabi, while my sister and neices watched the wedding on TV.

    • novelinsights

      Oh yes, Nan’s bar was well stocked! Hope you are having a lovely time away and with your family 🙂

  7. Wonderful pics! I’m so impressed you actually went and saw it. The crowds were incredible.

    • novelinsights

      Thanks! I was a bit daunted, but Nan put me to shame, and I thought well if she can do it…!

  8. Your pictures are wonderful and I am so glad you all went to see it together. Your nan looks like she was very happy and I am still totally impressed that she went. It was a great wedding day, and I stuck through all the TV coverage in NYC. A beautiful happy couple – I loved the dress.

  9. wonderful pictures ,I had to work yesterday but was fun the lads I support loved it as we watch it all on tv ,all the best stu

    • novelinsights

      Ah that’s great that they all enjoyed themselves, and you had a good day despite being at work!

  10. It must have been great to be part of it all. I loved watching it on TV, but you don’t get the full atmosphere from that. Love your pictures 🙂

  11. Amazing photos! It looks like you had a wonderful day out with your Nan and boyfriend. I watched it on telly with my family and have to admit I shed a tear. It was such a lovely wedding:)

  12. How wonderful! I watched at home, and had a great street party, but being in the crowd must have been amazing.

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