A day out with Mr S.

I am on what feels like the longest train journey in history…


…so I thought I would pop up a quick post up about my trip to see my dear friend Mr Savidge Reads. He is having a bit of a tough time as you will have gathered if you are a regular reader if his blog, so it was really important for me to see him and hopefully take his mind off things a bit.

And what day it was, full of sunshine, book chat and a couple of shandies outside a Manchester bar. We topped it off with a delicious meal out, over which we discussed plans we have to host a readalong of a certain author we both adore. I got to meet his ridiculously gorgeous little cousins and then we watched Never Let Me Go which was very good actually and made me cry. I can’t believe how much we got done – I honestly wonder if time goes more slowly outside of London!

Of course I came away with books, including one set in Thailand (see previous post), Purge which I have been wanting to get a copy of, and a copy of Half of a Yellow Sun for my Dad. I also treated myself to a nice new moleskine notebook for my book notes.


And there are still nearly three days of the weekend to go, family and friends to see. Hope you are all enjoying a relaxing weekend and glorious weather wherever you are?

9 responses to “A day out with Mr S.

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing Never Let Me Go. I really enjoyed the book.
    I’m working tomorrow but am desperately hoping it will rain here (Australia) – getting sick of the sunshine!

    • You see that’s something that a Brit will never say (sick of sunshine indeed!). Looks like we need to swap 🙂

  2. So glad you hear you had a great visit, Polly! I’m sure Simon was chuffed to bits to see you! 🙂

  3. Aww that’s lovely that you got to spend some time with your bud! Glad you had a great time.

    While you were here up north, I was down in London ☺

    • Tell me about it, it’s not the same having him live a couple hundred miles away. Hope you had fun in London scouting all the bookshops!!

  4. I’m so happy that you could be together; I’m sure that you were a great encouragement to him. There’s nothing like a friendship, especially with the common bond of loving books.

    (I’ve missed you two a lot. Ever since switching back to Blogger I’m afraid I’ve been off the radar, and would so love it if you happened by to my new/old home at http://www.dolcebellezza.net Not meaning to sound selfish here, though, please know that.)

    • Hello Bellezza! I will definitely have a pootle over to your new-old home as I’ve been off the radar for a while (need to update my rss feeds!!). Hope you are well!

  5. It was lovely to have you come up Pol and indeed a real boost for me to have you up for a bit! We did get lots done didnt we, and yet all in a lovely and leisurely manner. I thought the film was excellent and am very much looking forward to our project which I need to email you about now actually!

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