Recent Acquisitions

Here are the latest books to arrive at Chez Novel Insights!

I am currently reading one from the pile below (The Journey Home) for my book group on Tuesday, and dipping into another (Novels in Three Lines) when in need of a brief pick-me-up.


And, a few additions picked up at a recent bookish soirée. Can you spot any you have read or are looking forward to?


9 responses to “Recent Acquisitions

  1. I have seen so many great reviews of Mr Chartwell that I am dying to get my hands on it… and Clockwork Orange!
    Anatomy of a Disappearance has had lots of great coverage recently too, I think?

    • I’m really looking forward to reading Mr Chartwell. I’m not sure about A Clockwork Orange, but I couldn’t resist the cover (I know that’s terrible) and it is a classic that I should try!

  2. Novels in Three Lines looks VERY interesting!

    • It’s a great book to dip into and gives you an interesting insight to early 20c life. I defy anyone to say that things were all green pastures and lovely ‘in the old days’!

  3. I’ve had A Clockwork Orange on my shelf for a while now (10p book sale, heaven) but every time I open it, the Nadsat (is that what he called the slang? I think so) completely overwhelms me and I put it back for a time when I can ‘fully commit to it’. I’ll give it another bash once I’ve finished Mrs Dalloway, I promise myself!

  4. I’d love to read Mr Chartwell but am stubbornly sticking to the self-imposed book-buying ban. I’ve read Bonjour Tristesse and it was interesting but not as thought-provoking as I’d expected.

    • Good on you. It’s pretty tough not to be lured by all the other books out there. I think I need a book-buying ban but with 2 book groups it’s kind of tough!

  5. Oh you have Florence and Giles, I am soooooooooooo jealous. I saw that the other day on someones bedside table at the hospital and almost pilfered it in their sleep!
    ‘Mothsmoke’ intrigues me greatly, you HAVE to read Mr Chartwell soon, I didnt want to give it back to the library.

    • Hehe. My Uncle gave it to me and I remember thinking that you would love the look of it! I’m not sure about Mothsmoke after not loving TRF. Can’t wait to read Mr C… it’s next on my list I think!

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