I Want!

Spotted these wonderful book prints over at Hurricane Vanessa’s blog (highly recommended for funny but not frothy fashion-frolics and feminist witicisms).

The artist (here) sells prints and will do personalised sketches.

I so want one but I don’t know what I would choose off the top of my head (so many favourites!). I know that I’d have to have a couple of kids classics, a Persephone or two, something by Capote and Collins, plus Anna Karenina perhaps to prove I’ve read it 🙂

Who would you choose for your ideal bookshelf?

12 responses to “I Want!

  1. I saw this last week on someone’s blog and thought it’s perfect for us booklovers. Of course I immediately tried to make a list of what I’d want painted. It’s so difficult but I’d have a mixture of lit fic (Donna Tartt, David Mitchell), sff (Steven Erikson, Scott Lynch), historical mysteries (Christie, Sayers) and some Japanese and Sri lankan titles. Oh and a classic and maybe a translated French book just to round things off. Ha ha, makes me sound greedy!

  2. Ooooh!! If there’s anything I love better than books, it’s paintings of books!

  3. I desperately want a personalised one… can I possibly afford it? Maybe maybe… so tempting.

  4. Argh, have now spent time looking at them… want my own so much…

  5. Very tempting! But can I decide on what to have on my shelf??

  6. These have to be the coolest things ever! The hardest part of personalizing them has to be “picking the shelf!”

  7. Wow, I love it. Hmm, so what’s my list going to be? The Fountainhead’s got to be there, and Catcher in the Rye as well as A Fine Balance. Toss in Lust for Life and 84 Charing Cross Road and A Clockwork Orange and The Magic Toyshop. Okay, too many books!!! This is awesome, although I can’t really justify it…

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