In a tangle – help me choose my next knitting project!

I recently finished knitting a baby blanket for my friend who is about to have her first little-un. It’s in a gender-neutral colour, and in a nice soft wool / acrylic mix which should wash ok!


Now I have graduated from squares and oblongs to squares with interesting patterns, I am looking for my next challenge…

I have seen a couple of patterns I fancy trying from my copy of Purls of Wisdom, by Jenny Lord. There are two options I am torn between. Can you help me choose?

1- Arm-warmers: Cute and fashionable but not too timely for the spring weather coming up. I’d like to try these because I want to graduate to knitting luxury socks (they seem such a useful and relatively small project!), so the thinking is that these would be my first try at knitting ‘in the round’.


2 – Honeycomb Cushion Cover: A more ambitious square-with-pattern project. Also practical, very pretty and less seasonally-weird.


Jenny very kindly sent me a copy of Purls after we bonded over a mutual love of knitting at a recent event. So far I’m really impressed with the simple step by step instructions, fun patterns and candid tone of the book. I’ll report back and do a proper review once I have (hopefully) completed one of these projects.

Which pattern do you think I should go for?

17 responses to “In a tangle – help me choose my next knitting project!

  1. Go for the arm warmers. Especially if you have not knitted on the round before. You might need a couple of attempts to get into the swing of it I know I did when I knitted some wrist warmers and that was with a cable needle as well!

    You could always go for knitting the Royal Wedding? My mum is currently knitting the Archbishop of Canterbury. Me I am still on the blanket which seems to be never ending but that is because I have been stitching instead.

    • Knitting the royal wedding?! That actually sounds kind of wonderfully kitsch but I don’t think my skills are up to that. Thanks for the suggestion. I hope you make progress with your blanket soon!

  2. I don’t knit (one day!), so I don’t really know what I’m talking about…but, if it takes a while to do, I’d go for the arm warmers to allow for time to figure out the round part before going onto socks. That said, if you are a quick learner/knitter, I’d do the pillow for the pretty patterns. 🙂

  3. Ack! Forgot to add how beautiful your baby blanket turned out!

  4. Your baby blanket looks luxurious! And it’s such a thoughtful and useful gift for a baby. I ended up giving a friend’s first baby a plush Grug because it was cute that it was bigger than the baby’s head!

    You should do arm warmers for your next project. 🙂

  5. I havent knitted in years and years!! you’ve inspired me to start it up again 😉 i’d definitely go with the hand warmers… i could do with some actually, my hands and wrists get so cold when im on the laptop or reading.

    p.s, thats blanket is lovely!

  6. Your blanket look wonderful, and I’ll vote for the arm warmers too. Knitting in the round opens up so many possibilities, from socks to hats to gloves, and there are a number of different methods you can try if the first one doesn’t click.

    • You make a strong case Fleur! I’m going to go get my tools and wool next week so will post up when I finally decide!

  7. My cousin and I are about to start learning to knit! We’ve already resolved to go to a class on 31 March, nicely rounding out the quarter… so I am already full of admiration for your right-angled achievements.

    I vote for the arm-warmers. Spring might be toying with us here in London!

  8. Having just graduated from knitting squares myself, I think I shall have to get a copy of this book!

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