For Book's Sake QuizLast night I indulged my competitive side at the For Books’ Sake pub quiz. Needless to say our team performed woefully badly, but had a brilliant time. I blame the pints on both counts. The fact that some of the questions were almost as tough as the ones on University Challenge didn’t help either. Actually, that’s a lie – University Challenge is easier!

Thanks to Paperback Reader for the impromptu invite (I should state that Claire’s team were really quite good), and to everyone else (Chasing Bawa, Reading Matters, Laura Loves Daydreaming, Teadevotee and Love To Hate London) for what turned out to be a very entertaining night out.

Is anyone else terrible at pub quizzes? Why are they so randomly difficult – or is that just me!?

7 responses to “Quizzical

  1. I’ve not also done well on pub quizzes. But they seem so simple when they’re on TV right?

  2. That was way too difficult! Didn’t even understand the questions in the music category! Better luck next time, right?

  3. Thanks for coming (and for the link love too)! Hopefully see you again next time?

  4. Oo, let me know when this is happening again and I might hop on a train, I love book quizzes! I’m ok at them – just dreadful at any other sort of qu. But I don’t really care how well I do in quizzes – I love them even when I do dreadfully.

  5. I think we should go for a giggle next time, or swot up on our niche films and indie music upfront… Simon joining us would be a lot of fun. Thanks for accepting my impromptu invite!

  6. Ha this sounds like it was ace… oooh I miss you all and London lots when I see all this, grrrrr!

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