In January I Am Mostly Reading…

…not very much! I’ve decided to have a slow reading month to give my brain a chance to concentrate on other things. On my commute I’ll probably be swapping a paperback for a headphones and listening to music for a change. I may consider bringing my latest knitting project along with me on the Tube (although I am slightly deterred that people may think I’m a bit batty).

I’ve started in fine form as the only thing I’ve read this weekend is Vogue. Might come in handy for some inspiration once I’ve graduated from knitting square / oblong things!

Really not loving this month's cover girl...

There will be posts on Novel Insights, as I have a few reviews to catch-up on and I will be reading (at a nice gentle pace) the latest Riverside Reader’s book group choice.  Otherwise I’ll be relatively book-free this month – I wonder if I will get withdrawal symptoms?!

Are you planning to do anything differently in January?

8 responses to “In January I Am Mostly Reading…

  1. I’m in a bit of a reading slump myself, but I’m still reading, just lacking passion I feel. I think it’s good to be book-free once in a while. People talk about knitting while commuting but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do that before! Happy belated new year!

  2. Be careful with the knitting. People might think you have an offensive weapon upon you.

    Perhaps reading a few knitting magazines might be the key. I still knit very basic stuff, squares and oblongs are my favourite!!

    • Haha, that is so true – I’d better be careful. I did spot a nice knitting book in the library so maybe that is the antidote.

  3. Your ‘Riverside Reader’s’ book choice for January sounds really intriguing and unusual.

    I don’t and have never, read magazines. I can’t see the point of them, when more than half the content is advertising and many of them are priced at the same, or sometimes more, than I pay for a new book, which doesn’t have all the adverts and gives me much more pleasure. (purely personal point of view)

    I really want to know what you are making with your knitted squares and oblongs?

    • I do know what you mean about the number of adverts in magazines (although some adverts are beautiful too!) and I think magazines are relying more on ads for revenue so they appear more often. However I do think it’s good to kick back sometimes and browse through a mag. I love a bit of Vogue and the articles are quite good although it’s the pictures and fashion that I like!

      My previous square turned into a hot water bottle cover, although it was a christmas present so I couldn’t blog about it for fear of ruining the surprise. My next project is a baby blanket for a friend. My first friend to have a baby which is quite exciting!

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