Season’s Greetings and Christmas Loot

I’ve not been at all organised enough to schedule a Christmas post and a fair amount of running about then stuffing my face (plus enjoying several G&T’s) meant I could barely string a sentence together yesterday, let along switch my computer on to communicate with the world! So a day late…


I hope that you all had lots of festive fun and spent time with the people you care about. I am perfectly delighted to be with family, surrounded by cats, home comforts and with no sensible plans at all except eating, watching movies and enjoying the luxury of lying in, in the morning with a good book and… with the prospect of a second present-opening round with my other-half back in London.

I received some lovely Christmas loot, including these book-related gifts:

My step-sisters chose me three books which they selected based on a combination of recommendations (The Yacoubian Building, by Alaa Al Aswany, Blindness, by Jose Scaramago), and a bit of blog-stalking (The Waves, by Virginia Woolf – a lovely Vintage copy). Makes me feel lucky that I’m not an only-child any longer!

Dad and C bought me some Waterstones credit (a perfect excuse to go on a book-binge), and Dad made me a beautiful bookmark, embellished with Jade which I will treasure.

Mum got a brilliant Amnesty Year Planner. Perfect for scribbling down those new year resolutions. 2011, here I come!

Did you get any books for Christmas?

10 responses to “Season’s Greetings and Christmas Loot

  1. That book mark is stunning Polly, is he planning a line in them? I would definitely purchase one!
    Sounds like you had a lovely day which you and your family deserved. See you in the New Year xxx

  2. What a beautiful bookmark. I may have to give my dad some strong hints!
    I got a Dymocks (Aussie bookstore) voucher which I spent 80% of today as they have a sale between Christmas and New Year. I also got a lot of book loot, as seen .

  3. That is a beautiful book mark! I got three books which is three more than I usually get. However, I gave everyone books this year so I’m happy:) Merry Christmas Polly.

    • Ha, I did some book-gifting this year too. Some Persephone’s for my step-sisters. The next best thing to getting them is giving them! Merry Christmas Sakura 🙂

  4. Lovely loot! Those Vintages are looking rather lovely. Not to sound stalkerish but your dad does seem to make beautiful gifts for you! I remember he made you a lovely little bookshelf last year? 🙂 The jade bookmark is gorgeous although a little delicate for me!

    • I think it’s lovely that you noticed!! He does often make beautiful gifts and knows my tastes well. Happy 2011 Mae! 🙂

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