Novel Insights has been a little quiet as it has been a busy few days! I dusted off my party-shoes for a couple of nights out on the town, and then spent pretty much every other spare minute outside of work preparing for Christmas or seeing friends and family. I have managed to squeeze in some reading too so there will be a few reviews on the way…

In the meantime, I thought I’d share something I noticed, and which appealed to me for it’s quirkiness. As I got off the train at the other day I spotted that the electronic destination sign mysteriously said simply…

Henry VIII Train to Hampton Court

“Henry VIII”, how odd. Of course! The train was terminating and going back to Hampton Court Palace – the home of Henry VIII after he snaffled it from Cardinal Wolsey. I’m a little bit of a geek for this period of history (I LOVED Wolf Hall), and the fact that someone decided to program this in to the system cheered me up on my commute.

Have you spotted any little quirks amongst the everyday lately?

2 responses to “Quirky

  1. That’s really cool! It would have cheered me up too 🙂

  2. Things like this make me smile too:)

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