Mo-ffins for Movember

Although I do love to cook, I’m not big into baking these days, however I thought I would make an exception today.

My colleagues at work are all growing moustaches in aid of ‘Movember’ – a campaign to raise awareness about prostate cancer and sponsorship for a good cause. I’ve been trying my best to grow one to not much avail although you can see what I might like as a moustachioed madame over at my ‘Mo Space page‘!

I thought I’d brighten up Mo-nday and bake some mo-ffins (see what I did there) and moustache biscuits to entice people in the office to come and donate. The fruits of my labour are slightly limited – 23 muffins (11 cherry and almond, 12 banana and golden syrup) and a handful of blonde moustache shaped biscuits (one batch was singed and I ate a few broken ones – oops!)



Singed moustache biscuits!

I hope that you like my handiwork!

On a more serious note, according to The Prostate Cancer charity, one man dies every hour from prostate cancer in the UK so if you want to help out with a couple of quid then I’d be dead chuffed if you could donate over at my page here.

Have you ever done any novelty baking for charity? Do you have any friends, or family are growing a moustache for charity this month? Can you think of any more terrible puns that I can try out on my colleagues?!

6 responses to “Mo-ffins for Movember

  1. Shazam! One an hour? I had no idea that the mortality rate was that high for prostate cancer. A wonderful cause, and I love the moustache biscuits.

  2. I made my other half Tim grow a Movember mo, largely because a friend’s dad is currently fighting prostate cancer and her father-in-law died of it just last year. Scary stuff. Tim is telling everyone man cancer facts when they mock his mo (it is a little rough) but I don’t think he’s got round to raising any money yet. Love the biscuits.

    • How does he look with his mo? Well even if he’s not raising lots of cash, at least he’s raising awareness! Perhaps he needs to bake up a storm too 🙂

  3. love the moustache biscuits ,only time I bake is at work usually scones and have made a lot cakes including last few christmas cakes for the people I supoport ,all the best stu

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