Things I Learn From Books #5

Until the 1940’s, in Western culture the colour pink was associated with boys and blue was considered more appropriate for girls – seen as a dainty colour worn by the Virgin Mary.

Jellycat Bashful Pink BunnyFrom: Little Boy Lost, by Marghanita Laski.

12 responses to “Things I Learn From Books #5

  1. I must have missed this theme – what a good idea – I learn a lot of things from books! Love the little rabbit too 🙂

    • Hi Verity! You can’t help but learning from them can you?! I couldn’t resist posting a picture of a pink rabbit – so cute!

  2. I loved learning that too! Although I kept thinking of the children’s book When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit… that had a girl character. It is interesting considering how socially conditioned we are into thinking now that little boys cannot wear or have pink on their person and that instead all little girls must be adorned in pink in pink bedrooms.

    Not sure if you saw my reply to you last night but that post where I linked to your ‘Things I Learn from Books’ was an old one! Weird.

    • It is spooky that you mentioned that as I was about to post a new one! It is bizarre how natural to think of pink as a girly colour it is now.

  3. I learnt that from watching QI last year! It is so weird to learn how new the pink/blue thing is and how quickly young children realise this. My three-year-old son loves pink, but once they get to school at 5 there is no way the boys will touch anything pink – they’ve learnt that pink is for girls.

    • Oh I do love a bit of QI 🙂 How interesting that your little boy liked pink so much and has now been taught to think differently by his peers!

  4. I’ve just learnt something new! I’ve always loved blue, so I must have known it subconsciously!

  5. Wow, I never knew that! But, uh, why pink for boys before the 40’s?

  6. I’d forgotten that from the book, Polly. I get the blue for girls thing, but I wonder why pink for boys? And when did it all change? I can remember a time until fairly recently when men started wearing pink shirts with suits again, that pink on a boy was an absolute no-no. Funny how things change isn’t it?

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