Little Book Lost…

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This weekend my Mum came up to visit my Nan and I stayed too, so three generations were together. I had a wonderfully relaxing time catching up on sleep, getting some exercise and enjoying being out of the hustle and bustle of London for a couple of days.

The only downside was that I managed to leave my current read, Our Spoons Came from Woolworths, by Barbara Comyns behind which left me feeling a little bereft!

I don’t like leaving a book half read unless I’m really not enjoying it (which I was) – it’s a bit like being in limbo! I lost a book once on holiday in Sri Lanka (Fangland) which ultimately got abandoned. I also lost several pages of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin in the river Nile, but luckily I had already read them! Thankfully my book is only temporarily astray in deepest darkest Buckinghamshire and I have decided to see this as an opportunity to skip to a book I have been wanting to read for ages – Marganita Laski’s Little Boy Lost while I wait for my errant Comyns to come back to me by post.

Where’s the oddest place you have left a book?

4 responses to “Little Book Lost…

  1. Under a desk at work that I wasn’t using over the summer – I couldn’t think where it was and really needed to review it for Peirene! Was so relieved when it turned up.

  2. Whoops! Books are supposed to go on desks not under them 🙂 Although with the amount of books you read they are probably everywhere!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever lost a book, unless it’s somewhere in storage or an errant friend hasn’t returned it. They still bug me though!

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