An Evening at Picador

Tonight I had the rather lovely pleasure of being invited along to the new Pan Macmillan offices for Picador’s New Voices event. Savidge Reads and I were treated to a sneak preview of writing, read by the authors themselves no less.

I managed to snaffle a couple of copies of books that stood out as being ones to watch.

Sunjeev Sahota’s reading of Ours are the streets, was charming and funny. The snapshot captured a quirkily romantic moment on a camping trip, however the synopsis hints at tragedy which intrigues me.

My response to a passage read from Ten Stories about Smoking, a book of short stories by Stuart Evers was initially sceptical but I found myself drawn into a rendezvous of two ex-lovers, and engrossed in the bittersweet interplay between the characters.

On another note, I quite wanted to steal a Mr Darcy-a-like who happened to be there, for our friend and budding romance writer Rose Roberts but refrained from making a scene…

Savidge Reads and I had a lovely time thanks to the lovely people at Picador, their New Voices and a couple of glasses of wine! What a good way to spend a rainy Monday.

6 responses to “An Evening at Picador

  1. Twas a lovely night indeed wasnt it! I am still feeling very smug about winning the book that I reaaaaally really wanted actually hahaha. Free books, free wine, lovely bookish people, what more could we have asked for?

  2. I know, you are a lucky thing with your raffle winnings!

  3. Sounds a nice event! I’m interested by the Sahota, as the cover looks quite serious, but as you say it’s also funny. The mixture of both is intriguing.

    • Hi Charlie, that’s true. In fact I’m glad I heard the reading as I would never have guessed it was funny otherwise.

  4. Sounds like you both had a lovely evening:) And the pictures are great, especially the second one with the red cover!

    • You know that’s not even the planned cover. I spotted that on Amazon and it’s quite cool (although perhaps a touch gimmicky) – it’s themed on an old book of cigarettes

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