Weekend in the Peak District

In my previous post, I said mentioned I might visit Chatsworth on my trip to the Peak District this weekend gone, but as they say – the best laid plans etc…! I didn’t visit Chatsworth (although I have been before and loved it), I didn’t read either of the books I took (The Blessing, by Nancy Mitford and Little Boy Lost, by Marghanita Laski), but I did have a brilliant time.

The weekend was mostly composed of:

1. Eating lots of delicious food from Dad’s allotment including just-picked raspberries, homemade and grown apple sauce, some delicious homemade strawberry jam and various chutneys.

Strawberry Jam

Clare's totally delicious strawberry jam

2. Going for a lovely walk and us all having a go at flying a kite (forgotten how much fun that is).

Kite flying

Showing off my kite flying 'skills'

BF kite-flying

The boyfriend having a go...

3. Mushroom hunting and coming home with all sorts…

The fruits of our forage, photographed by the BF

4. Me persuading my boyfriend to drive home via Hardwick Hall which was the house of Bess of Hardwick (Elizabeth Talbot) and is apparently closed on Mondays. I saw the outside…

Hardwick Hall

The um... outside of Hardwick Hall

Oh well, I guess that is just an excuse to go back for another trip!

What did you get up to at the weekend?

6 responses to “Weekend in the Peak District

  1. Glad to hear you had a good time! I only found out recently that the house my friend had shown me in their holiday photos was the one I’d likely seen on TV. Cause for wrongly-timed jealousy!

    Home-made jams are the best, supermarket ones are never the same once you’ve tried homemade.

    My weekend was full of reading. I’ve learned to take my current read out with me more and it paid off.

    • It’s true, I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to supermarket jam now! Glad you enjoyed reading lots at the weekend. I’m feeling a little bereft as I left my current read at home!

  2. sounds like a great time in my neck of the woods I like hardwick hall very orginal inside all the best stu

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