Lost in Austen

Yesterday I watched all of ITV drama Lost In Austen (2008) on DVD with Savidge Reads – yes three whole hours! Definitely recommended for lots of laugh out loud daft moments, slightly bizarre but brilliant storyline and excellent lead actress Jemima Roper. We giggled ourself silly throughout.

Lost in Austen

Sitting on Wimbledon Common at lunchtime I found myself slightly lost in Austen myself, considering the slightly bedraggled puddle of water passing for a pond that I was sitting in front of might be vastly improved by a Mr Darcy / Colin Firth moment. You know the scene and shame on you if you don’t!

Could be improved by…

Speaking of which I’m off to the Peak District this weekend! Perhaps a trip to Chatsworth house (which some people believe was the basis for Pemberley in Pride and Predjudice) will inspire me to read some Austen… Or perhaps I should take a Mitford book…?

Chatsworth House

Can anyone recommend any other bookish locations I might be tempted to stop at between London and Derbyshire?

6 responses to “Lost in Austen

  1. Make sure you do a detour to Cromford and go to Scarthin books. Glad you enjoyed Lost in Austen, I can’t believe we managed it all and had dinner and a good old gossip about books in one evening!

  2. I loved ‘Lost in Austen’ too. I was terrified that it would go all wrong, but it worked really well and was full of surprises.

  3. Ahhh Mr D’Arcy coming out of the lake!!

    One of them moments which cannot be improved on – even the film had him standing in pouring rain did not have the same response!

    Sadly I am not related to him despite being asked many a time (my surname is D’Arcy!)

  4. I was prepared to hate Lost in Austen, but ended up loving it almost to distraction. And I’m seeing Jemima Rooper in All My Sons in October! Eek! (She has followed me throughout my life, in all the TV programmes I love – Famous Five, As If, Lost in Austen…)

  5. Complete aside: I am SO envious of Simon seeing All My Sons!

    I was very pleasantly surprised by Lost in Austen and really, really enjoyed it. I loved its devotion to both the book and to the Andrew Davies 1995 adaptation whilst also being original.

    A weekend of Austen sounds divine. Enjoy!

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