Book Maths

I’ve got the whole of Season 6 of Desperate Housewives to watch, so while watching a couple of episodes, I decided to finally type up my ‘TBR long’. Yes, I’m a book geek, but I doubt if many others who read this blog are exempt from that tag either! Although anyone I know who isn’t a book-blogger who is reading this on Facebook will probably think I’m even more of a nutter than they did before. Whoops!

Anyway, it is a list of all the books I own that I haven’t read yet. It’s not even really a full TBR because it doesn’t include other books that I’d like to read but haven’t bought yet.

So, I counted them all up and the total figure is 108 books. Then I did some book maths and was slightly concerned when I realised that at a reasonable rate of 6 books per month, it will take me 18 months to read them all! Actually I think I’m doing quite well suppressing my book-buying habit as even with my enabler Savidge Reads giving me piles of books I have only accumulated 8 more since my last count.

Anyway, why not help me prioritise? Feel free to take a look and let me know which one’s you’ve read and loved.

You can find my TBR (long) here.

I’m curious to know. How does your TBR compare?

17 responses to “Book Maths

  1. Oh, that’s not so bad. My TBR list – which I daren’t even compile! – will be much longer. This is partly due to my tendency to pick up cheap books from car boot sales for about 50p because it looks interesting. At one point in 2008, I got 40 books in one month that way! When a book’s that cheap my response was usually that I might as well pick it up if it did look interesting so that I could read it later if I desired.

    I haven’t done that in ages, but the repercussions still linger! I also have lots of heavy non-fiction books which I really have to be in the right mood to read. I’ve only got a couple of books unread that people have actually given me, because I always prioritise those.

    Out of your TBR, which looks like you’re in for large amounts of reading joy (the best kind of joy!) out of the ‘classics’ I’d go for Jane Eyre and A Room with a View which are both super.

    Beyond the classics, I have a soft spot for Small Island which is excellent, and Goodbye to Berlin!

    • Thanks for the recommendations Jenny. I like that you prioritise the books that people have given you, that’s a really appreciative way of reading. I have to try to avoid cheap bookshops these day unless I know I need something and think I might pick up a bargain.

  2. Well, as of this morning I have 201 on my TBR list, so yours isn’t looking so bad! Actually about 100 feels nice and manageable to me. There’s enough to have plenty of options, but not so much as to be overwhelming.

    As for priorities, I’ll second Jenny’s suggestions of Jane Eyre (my favorite book) and Small Island, and I’ll add Return of the Native (by my favorite author) and The Night Watch.

  3. I couldn’t find a book in your TBR that I’ve already read and really loved. But in case you haven’t read Ondaatje yet, I seriously recommend Divisadero and The English Patient (sorry if this means another addition to your long pile, hehe)

  4. I have too, too many to even begin counting. Mine would take me years to read! I’m glad I’m leaving them all behind when I move to NYC as I can start afresh without the guilt of all those unread books sitting on my shoulders!

    I’ve had a look at your list – you need to read Jane Eyre, pronto!

    • Imagine what it will be like if you collect a bunch more and decide to come back in the future. Serious excess baggage!

      Am getting lots of votes for Jane Eyre!!

  5. I loved Sarah Waters’ The Night Watch, Jane Eyre and Lawrence Durrell’s novels. And I also recommend Donna Leon’s mysteries. I’m too scared to list my TBR pile, I don’t think I want to know how many unread books I have, but it fills a whole bookshelf double layered…

    • Jane Eyre again! Dead keen to read Sarah Waters again after enjoying The Little Stranger. Also, the Durrell novels have been on the pile for quite a while so perhaps it’s time they got read….

  6. I’m sure mine must be close to that, though I’ve not dared count in a long time. In a similar vein to yourself, I have a few episodes of Ugly Betty to catch up on so maybe I’ll type up my own list! I’ll take a look at your full list in a mo, see if there’s any I can help you prioritise.

  7. 135! That’s not as many as I feared but far more than I should have let it get to. And I just realised that doesn’t count poetry books that I’ve not yet at least dipped into. Oh dear. Will have to update again.

  8. Oh your 108 makes mine a bit disgusting really as its so blinking long! I worked out mine might take me a few years to get through… well maybe more than a few. Am off to look at what you have in your TBR now, I do love a nosey.

    • Yours is a bit disgusting but delightful at the same time. Hope you come back with some good recommendations. Maybe I should just read all the short ones hahaha.

  9. I haven’t counted, but I’d guess mine is about 500-600… oops!

    Having looked through your list, I recommend picking up…
    –EF Benson – Lucia Rising
    –Barbara Comyns – Our Spoons (although I’d actually recommend Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead next!)
    –The Loved One – Evelyn Waugh (which I just read at the weekend, actually)
    –The Waves – Virginia Woolf (once you’ve read a few others by her…)

    Enjoy! Simon

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I’m definitely keen to read the Comyns soon after my experience with The Vet’s Daughter.

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