Holiday Reads

In Monday’s post, I asked people to guess the number of books that I read on holiday. I have to say I was surprised at how accurate people’s guesses were. I had grossly overestimated the amount I would read on holiday and taken 7 books with me (including 2 chunksters!).

In the end I read the following books:

Brixton Beach, by Roma Tearne

I read this first as it is set partly in Sri Lanka and then finished it by the pool in Thailand. You can read my thoughts here.

Reading Brixton Beach by the Pool

Beside the Sea, by Veronique Olmi

After reading some glowing reviews of this novel I wanted to save it until I had some peace and quiet to really appreciate it. (now reviewed here!)

Beside the Sea, beside the Sea

Faceless Killers, Henning Mankell

I always like to read a good thriller on holiday so I thought I would try the first Henning Mankell… (my thoughts are here.)

Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman, by Friedrich Christian Delius

I enjoyed this novella in one sitting on the plane from Bangkok to Columbo.

Portrait of The Mother as a Young Woman, by Friedrich Christian Delius

So there you have it. Four completed books, as well as the first 100 pages of Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall. Dot Scribbles, The Book Whisperer, Chasing Bawa and Savidge Reads guessed correctly! Reviews to follow over the next few days.

Have you read any of these books? What are your favourite holiday reads from this year?

15 responses to “Holiday Reads

  1. Wow! You read a lot! I’ve read ‘Brixton Beach’ and I had mixed feelings about it, so I’m looking forward to reading your views.

    • Ah, that’ll be going up tomorrow hopefully. I’ve popped over and read your review… not so far off my own feelings!

  2. Read Beside the Sea a few weeks ago and will be posting about it soon. Love pictures of scenery with books in it. Actually just love pictures with books in it!

  3. Just trying to decide on the book(s) I will take on holiday. Only going for a week – so realistically one or two would suffice. I really like the sound of Beside the Sea!

    • Beside the Sea is definitely an ‘alternative’ beach read, as it is pretty dark! However the space and time you have on holiday is good to be able to appreciate it.

  4. Hurray – I guessed right! I always overestimate too – actually, that’s not true; I like to take too many in case I change my mind about one when on holiday (a girl’s gotta have options!)

  5. You didn’t tell us they were mostly novellas!! It is great to hear that you were too busy enjoying yourself to read much though. I look forward to your reviews.

    • Whoops! That was naughty wasn’t it… 🙂 Yes lots of stuff to do and little time to read, but all enjoyable as you say!

  6. That pool looks so inviting!!!

  7. This post makes me want to go on vacation!!! Hope you had fun! 🙂

  8. Loving the pictures .. and looking forward to getting my hands on the Olmi. Have hears such great things about it..

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