Too true…

Eat. Sleep. Read.

I need one of these posters.

13 responses to “Too true…

  1. Ahhhh, my three favourite things in the whole world. Infact, combine the 3 and I am in heaven: reading a book in bed with a big chocolate cake! 🙂

  2. Yes, very true! And sometimes I think what am I doing but then what’s the point in not reading when that’s what you’d prefer to do.

  3. Dear novel insights does non-fiction count as reading? I have a disagreement with someone and I say it does. If so, I am in agreement with your snap except for if I need a wee

    • novelinsights

      Hello Tim,

      I feel like an agony aunt somehow… Yes I would say that of course non-fiction counts as reading! Can’t you take your book on your wee-breaks?

  4. Love that poster – its spot on!

  5. Ooo, me, too! 🙂

  6. I really want that on a t-shirt!

  7. Colin Greenland

    I imagine you’ve found one by now, but if not, the posters are available here:

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