A Picture Paints a Thousand Books

Here is my belated post for Simon T’s memeA Picture Paints a Thousand Books. The idea is simply that you find a picture that you think reflects your reading tastes, and here is mine:

Kandinsky Composition 7

Composition 7, by Wassily Kandinsky - 1913

My Dad used to have a picture up by Wassily Kandinsky in our house when I was little and I couldn’t help but think of his paintings with their wonderful jumble of colours when I was trying to find an image.

My reading taste is very diverse so this is why I have chosen this image for it’s colourful patchwork effect. Alongside the colour in this image there are also black lines and marks, which represent how I tend to find writing that has a bit of a dark undertone intrigues me. My reading is dominated by fiction so this is why I have chosen a picture that isn’t realist and the picture is very expressive just as I enjoy writing that is passionate and emotionally powerful. Also, in many ways this image it is quite puzzling, and I do like books that make you think!

What image would you pick to represent your reading tastes?

12 responses to “A Picture Paints a Thousand Books

  1. I love your choice of picture! I chose something abstract to represent my taste in literature, in fact I chose something from Dali. Like you, I’ve got such varied taste in books, so it was hard to find an image that reflected my taste in novels.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ooh, that’s a good response. And you’ve reminded me how much I like Kandinsky.

    • novelinsights

      Kandinsky’s images are wonderful aren’t they – although I don’t know much about him and really should learn a bit more. Will have to look out for an exhibition!

  3. That is a great choice! I didn’t think of trying to find something abstract, but that really works. Perfect!

    • novelinsights

      Thanks Jackie! I couldn’t think of anything literal that would cover it, that was just the kind of image that came to mind. I shall pop over and have a look at yours!

  4. I like that the painting is a mixture – of colours, shapes and line. Wonderful!

  5. I do love that painting. An evocative way to sum up your reading, I like it! Got to love the crazed cacophony of colour: reading lots of varied fiction will do that to you, for sure.

  6. This is a very interesting choice. If I were a psychologist, I’d have to take out my little notebook….. 😉

    You’ve made me start thinking about what picture I would use myself.

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