Persephone Pitstop

A recent convert to Persephone Books, I am looking forward to participating in Persephone Reading Week, hosted by Claire (Paperback Reader) and Verity (The B Files). While I would love to buy my own Persephones, at the moment I’m living in limbo and space is a little tight so Wimbledon Library in wisdom of stocking the lovely grey books is my source for reading matter this week.

I actually went in thinking I would get one solitary title, probably by Dorothy Whipple, but as ever I was side-tracked and came out with the books pictured below:

Books for Persephone Reading Week

  • Cheerful Weather of the Wedding, by Julia Strachey – prompted by Simon T’s wonderful review.
  • Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, by Winifred Watson – I’ve seen quite alot of buzz around this one.
  • The Far Cry, by Emma Smith – never heard of it, but I read the inscription and couldn’t resist!

“When dinner was over, Teresa and Mr Digby took a stroll together down Chowringee. They stepped out from the door of their hotel into the warm brawling stream of Calcutta’s nightlife, out of the frigidity of a mannered existence into the pavement’s spawning pulsing vitality.”

With my current read still only a quarter of the way through, it is doubtful that I’ll get through all three this week so I would welcome suggestions as to which I should try first.

Are you participating in Persephone Reading Week, and if so what are you reading?

18 responses to “Persephone Pitstop

  1. I’m reading Little Boy Lost right now (another of Marghanite Laski’s) and enjoying it. I want to pick up some more lovelies while in London on Saturday for the meet-up too. Can’t believe your library stocks Persephone! (so lucky!)

    I think you should go with The Far Cry as you were so attracted to it (plus I really want to read your review as that paragrah sounds good!)

    • novelinsights

      It is lucky, I couldn’t believe it when I discoverd it did! I started reading The Far Cry on the train home today and am enjoying it already.

  2. I love the Persephone Pitstop title, Polly!

    I have read the top two titles and the first is great for its Bloomsbury connections and interesting wedding day setting with amusing guest exchanges and the second is a charming delight.

    The Far Cry is a Persephone I have on my shelf that I haven’t yet read (I pounced on it in the Oxford St Borders 50% off closing-down-sale last summer) so I shall be interested in your thoughts.

    Today I am reading one of the newest Persephone titles, Dimanche and Other Stories by Irène Némirovsky.

    • novelinsights

      Thanks Claire!!

      I hope you enjoy Dimanche and Other Stories. I didn’t get along with Suite Francais very well but I’m sure Persephone books will have picked a winner.

      I didn’t realise that Borders used to stock Persephone books!

  3. Fantastic – it’s great that libraries are stocking Persephones now – I saw quite a few when I was in there at lunchtime

    Like Claire I’m also on Dimanche and other stories today.

    • novelinsights

      It is great, and it won’t stop me buying some to keep when I have some shelf space either! Enjoy Dimanche and Other Stories.

  4. I love Persephone been a fan for ages. My favourite is Little Boy Lost because it’s just brilliant. I first read that in a nice little penguin edition. Anyway… I suggest The Far Cry out of those 3. I love it.

    • novelinsights

      I read The Victorian Chaise Longue by Marghanita Laski and really enjoyed it so would love to read Little Boy Lost. Definitely starting with The Far Cry…

  5. I like the alliterative title 🙂

    Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day was my first Persephone (read it last year) and absolutely loved it. In fact, a friend is reading it right now, and she’s really enjoying it as well.

    Hope you have fun reading it – it’s such a feel-good book.

  6. I’m reading Cheerful Weather for the Wedding and Miss Pettigrew too. The Far Cry sounds most intriguing from that little excerpt; can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

    • novelinsights

      Oh we’ll have to compare reviews! I’ve started The Far Cry and am enjoying it so will hopefully post soon…

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  8. I recently read The Far Cry and LOVED it! That would be my recommendation.

  9. Well I started one today, which I am not going to name as yet as I am simply not enjoying it so far. I am a good way in too but am going to give it until the end of Part I to see if I am hooked or not, am most vexed I should love it for just being a persephone shouldnt I?

    • novelinsights

      Oh dear! Surely you’ll have to name it if you review? I’m so curious now!!! You shouldn’t love it for being a Persephone – just on it’s own merit 🙂

  10. I really really want to read Miss Pettigrew.. but I’m still waiting for my library copy. I just looked up The Far Cry and my library actually owns a copy of it (although not the Persephone edition), I put it on hold instantly.

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