A Nostalgic Bookshop Visit

Over the bank-holiday I visted both grandmothers at opposite ends of the country, as they have been feeling a bit under-par. While I was up North, I also took the opportunity for a bit of nostalgic book-shopping. I popped into the lovely Keel Row Bookshop in North Shields, which I used to visit over 10 years ago now to get books for college. I particularly liked The Keel Row because upstairs there was a whole room full of Penguin Classics all for £1 each and I then snaffled lovely copies of Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, The L-Shaped Room by Lynne Reid Banks, and Lady Chatterly’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence.

I was delighted to discover that although the shop had been tidied up and was a bit more ship-shape with new signage, the precious room with it’s shelves of classics was still there and they were still at their modest £1 price.

So of course, I couldn’t resist and picked up the following books for my library:

  • Cakes and Ale, by W. Somerset Maugham – I keep wanting to read Somerset Maugham books after reading great reviews at My Porch blog
  • The Blessing, by Nancy Mitford – I keep meaning to read a Mitford book, and my Oma (grandma) was most impressed with this choice!
  • The Loved Ones, by Evelyn Waugh – I really enjoyed Brideshead Revisited and Savidge Reads has written a glowing review of this particular novel
  • The Waves by Virginia Woolf I have a difficult relationship with Woolf as she’s tough-going but I also find her books rewarding so I thought I could stash this one for later

I also had a lovely time with Oma who always makes me laugh with her wisdom and piquant humour. On politics – “I always supported the Conservatives until Margaret Thatcher. She was a cow.” Or on sexual preferences – “I don’t care what you do with your front-sides or your back-sides…”. I do feel very lucky to have family members who make me smile.

What’s your favourite second-hand bookshop? Have you got any funny family wisdom you can share?

14 responses to “A Nostalgic Bookshop Visit

  1. That looks like a fantastic bookshop – what wonderful treasures I’m sure there are. I do love those old Penguin editions – so stylish.

    • novelinsights

      I only wish I could have had longer browsing! Will have to go on another trip next time I’m there…

  2. Ohh, I would be in heaven in that book shop! All those lovely old Penguins for a quid! I think I would need to set up camp in the shop for a few hours.

    You got The L Shaped Room too! That’s so funny ‘cos after I posted my comment yesterday about reading it as a teen I got an overwhelming need to order it from Amazon and read it again – so I did!

  3. Once I am back book buying we are so heading there! Wonderful copy of The Loved One and am so pleased you have bought it, in fact with Somerset Maugham (who I am intending to read a book of very soon) and Nancy Mitford you have done a rather marvellous £4 spree there. Am not commenting on the Woolf me and Ginny are still a little edgy with one another lol.

    • novelinsights

      It would be great to have a hunt there together – I’m sure we would struggle to keep ourselves from buying up the whole shop! I’m so chuffed that you did that review of The Loved One as I probably wouldn’t have thought to get it otherwise. Can’t wait to read it now!

  4. I’m in love with that bookshop already! Classics for a pound!!

    Not far from where I live are two secondhand bookshops next door to each other. I go there frequently. One is an absolute mess, roughly organised by genre and alphabet but with books higgledy-piggledy in boxes on the floor, in piles, sliding onto the floor – lots of dust too. I love the treasure-hunting but not the dust and I don’t like to see books getting needlessly damaged! The guy who owns it gives me big discounts and free books, which is great!

    Next door is a clean, immaculate shop, very well organised, lovely man there too. I don’t get discounts but I can find some good lit and Canadian fiction is great condition, and halfprice is still better than full!

    • novelinsights

      I know, it’s almost a bit ridiculous!

      I agree with you, I like treasure hunting but there’s got to be a bit of order – sounds like you’re benefitting from the bargains though. How good to have those bookshops right next to each other!

  5. Great selection and what a wonderful bookshop. Your grandmother’s quotes are classic!

    • novelinsights

      Thanks Mae 🙂 It is lovely, only wish it was a bit more local. I just couldn’t resist noting down her comments!

  6. Oma sounds like a treasure, as does the Keel Row Bookshop. I love stores like that. Wish we had more of them here in California.

    • novelinsights

      Hey! She is a bit fab as is the shop. Oh well at least in California you get the sunshine!!

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  8. My grandmother’s given name was Oma. I’ve never heard of another person with that name. Hope you made it through “The Waves.” So beautiful. One of my all-time favorites.

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