Free biscuits…

I’ve just finished giving blood and enjoying my reward – a pack of custard creams and a cup of orange squash. Simple pleasures! I thought I would double today’s good deed by reminding passers-by to Novel Insights to think about donating too if they can / when they have a spare half-hour. Don’t forget a good book for the waiting room!

14 responses to “Free biscuits…

  1. Well done! The free biscuits are worth it, aren’t they? I wore a sticker after I gave blood that said ‘Be nice to me, I gave blood today’. I milked that ALL day. Worked a charm!

  2. The centres here used to hand out quite a feast – baked goods and pastries but they’ve whittled it down to tea and biscuits. Giving blood is a great feeling. I remember the last time I gave blood and my blood seemed to stop ‘flowing’ halfway and it took ages to finish up filling the bag!

    • Oh dear, I always get told to squeeze my hand more I think I have the same problem. Sounds like they used to do quite a spread at yours!

  3. Well done! I wish I could give blood but I am too underweight 😦 I wonder what book you recommend for reading while doing it?!

    • Ah, yes probably best avoided then. Perhaps just go for the biscuits 🙂 I recommend a light one for the waiting room (Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit was good) but I don’t think I could read and concentrate on squeezing my hand at the same time 🙂

  4. Yay for volunteer blood donors!

    I give blood frequently – I’m O Neg so they’re always calling me. (This is the blood type that absolutely everyone can receive, like when they don’t know your blood type, but only a few people have it.) What blood type are you?

    When I was in Japan I learnt that instead of horoscopes they use blood types to tell things about you!

    • Me too! I feel as universal donor it is my duty to make sure I help keep stocks up. I always went with my Mum as a kid when she was giving blood which means I was never nervous about it. How fascinating, I wonder what the Japanese reading of my blood type would be…

      • I wish I could remember! I found it eerily spot-on though at the time.

        I don’t have any problems with needles or blood. I watch the whole process!

  5. In Australia we get milkshake after donating blood and a few little snacks (maybe biscuit too can’t remember). One branch serves hotdog for the donators and it’s famous among my friends for it. I’m happy with the milkshake 😀

  6. I get on my soap box about giving blood as I am not allowed… lets not open that can of worms though ha, ha!

    • I think that’s fair enough comment, and I think that the blood service is coming under alot of pressure to re-visit that. It would be great to see even more people be able to give blood.

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