Reading in the Sunshine

It has been a quiet week at Novel Insights, so I’m just dropping in to say that I haven’t disappeared! After a busy few days, I’ve been enjoying the weekend sunshine with a picnic, a Thermos flask of tea and a copy of Oranges are Not the Only Fruit (I think that The Passion might have started me on a Winterson binge!).

(Image found @ tweefashion.)

Did you get lovely sunny weather this weekend?

What authors have you fallen in love with lately?

6 responses to “Reading in the Sunshine

  1. I like the title and look of the cover of your current read, and your weekend sounds fantastic! Mine was spent indoors though the weather wasn’t bad. Markus Zusak is the most recent author I’ve fallen for, and Jane Austen (I’m late catching up there!)

    • Oh it is a lovely cover isn’t it. The latest one is beautiful too (also by Vintage). I haven’t quite got around to Jane Austen but I do love Zusak and am reading one by him now!

  2. That’s a lovely cover of Oranges are Not the Only Fruit, haven’t seen that one before.

    That sounds so nice! I didn’t get out much this weekend, though I did help plant some veggies (seeds) in the backyard – tomato, cucumber, peas, carrots. So great to get your hands dirty again! We’ve had an unusually warm spring so far in Toronto, but it’s gone all moody again now.

    • I think it’s the one before the latest edition. The wonderful Savidge Reads gave me his spare. Planting sounds lovely. Gardening is so satisfying, hope the weather perks up in Toronto!

  3. I did have a sunny weekend and like you I mostly read outside in the sunshine.

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