Hello Spring!

Green Park, London, blooming with daffodils (from e.gardens.blogspot.com)

It’s March 21st and today has been the first day of spring here in the UK! There is definitely something telling me that the winter days are over and spring is here, even if it’s only the buckets of daffodils at the till in Marks and Spencer.

I’m feeling like a fresh start so have decided to stop reading to lists for a while and, with the exception of book groups, simply read what takes my fancy. After a few busy weeks I feel the need for a bit of whimsy!

Do you feel as if spring is here yet? What effect does the change in season have on you?

8 responses to “Hello Spring!

  1. I forget that spring officially starts in the UK on the 21st! I have to say instantly I think of spring cleaning and then bizarrely look at my TBR, I cant think why!

  2. Spring, Spring you say. Season change! I’m in Ghana where it’s been unseasonably hot so I could do with a spring or two. Send some my way, won’t you?

    • It is so cool that you’re reading this from Ghana. Funny to think how the internet and bookish-passions connect people from other sides of the world! Perhaps we can share, you send a bit more sunshine over hear and we’ll send you some cooler weather 🙂

  3. No spring here in Yorkshire yet – just grey clouds :o(

    Good on you, reading what takes your fancy. Sometimes review copies, lists etc make me really anxious. It’s nice to kick back with your own choices, isn’t it?

    • Oh rubbish, has the sun come out yet? It’s been quite sunshine-y down in London. I’m sure it will head to Yorkshire soon!

  4. I’m probably completely ignorant but why does spring start on the 21st instead of the beginning of the month?

    I never do well in challenges because I always feel too restricted with the books I’m ‘allowed’ to read and life’s too short!

    • Hello Mae! I don’t think that it’s ignorant. To be honest it’s just something that I’ve picked up from my family. I read that it’s because of the Equinox, but I’m thinking it’s also because it’s always freezing cold in England until at least mid-march when it gets a bit milder and ‘spring-like’. Agree with you, it’s nice to join in on things but sometimes life is too short to restrict yourself too much!

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